View Full Version : Israeli anthology against Gaza war published

01-06-2009, 08:28 AM
Israeli anthology against Gaza war published

Group of prominent poets, artists join forces in producing publication calling for an end to fighting in Gaza

Ynet Published: 01.05.09, 08:27 / Israel Culture

An anthology of works by prominent Israeli poets and artists opposing the current war in Gaza was published this week. Among the contributors to the publication are poets Aharon Shabtai, Shimon Adaf, Rami Saari, Tal Nitzan, Tawfiq Ziad, and artists Roee Rozen, Itzik Rennert, Ohad Maromi, Hila Lulu Lin, Fahed Halabi and others.

Some 1,000 copies of the anthology have been printed at a printing house in Kfar Kassem, after a local printer refused to print the issue due to its content.

The decision to put together the anthology was made during a rally against the military campaign in Gaza, which was held outside Defense Minister Ehud Barak's house last Thursday and attended by most of the writers and artists.

The editors explained that they wished to carry out a different kind of protest and make the voices of poets and artists heard. "For us this is only the beginning of a much more extensive activity," they proclaimed.

Mati Shmuelof, one of the editors, added: "The anthology will strengthen the peace camp, which seeks a diplomatic, rather than a military, resolution. It will give it words, metaphors and imageries. We must not remain silent when the cannons are thundering."


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