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Ummu Sufyaan
01-13-2009, 04:34 AM
this is @ q8sobieski i didnt get a chance to post a reply, as the thread got closed, but i want to get to the bottom of something that i genuinely cannot sink my teeth into.

But I am shocked by the calousness of your comments, especially as a mother.
im not a mother.

Why do you glorify death? Why do you prefer death over life?
i dont prefer death over life. i prefer what is after death over life (i.e paradise, if i am to reach there). as Muslims, our whole lives are based on what awaits us in the hereafter, be it good, or bad. that's what we work towards; a prosperous hereafter.
As a mother, you create life.
no i don't. Allah creates life. I have simply been blessed with carrying it.

Why do you glorify its destruction. Why not just save the effort and never have children at all?
because i wish to be a mother who raises her children with a passion for defending their weak and oppressed brothers and sisters. if you dont have compassion for your own family, then you don't have compassion for anyone...

Westerners, be they Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, or Sufi take no pride or delite in killing. We do not wear it as a badge of honour.
We muslims don't wear it as a badge of honor, either. We wear what it carries, and what it denotes as a badge of honor.

or when we believe we can create a better world from the effort.
that's exactly your problem! what is it your business how Muslims live! we're happy the way we are, so what is it to you!!! honestly?!

you have NO RIGHT. what right do you have to kill our women, our men, seize our properties, simply because you don't agree with our way of life. if you don't like it, just buzz off already! it isn't flippin rocket science!

seriously, would you like it, or would you accept it if someone were to invade your home, basically terrorize your family (god forbid), steal your property, the one you would have worked your backside all your life to maintain... basically cause havoc, because apparently they don't like the way you live, and what you do in your house. wouldn't you fight them...you'd take them to court, would you not?

how is this just! just give me ONE point in justifying killing us, because you don't like "our way of life." im seriously baffled here. what right do you have! noone butts into things that aren't their business!!! period.

i will be the first admit that i have a hatred towards the enemies of Islam, and yet, even though my hatred, i would NEVER destroy a non-Muslim place of worship, burn pages of their scriptures. kill their men, children and women, etc.
if i were ever in a position to fight him/her, i seriously would give him/her a fair chance at me. i wouldn't fight with a gun, if they didn't have one! its unfair, and plain stupidity...

the heck, all my neighbors are non-Muslims. By Allah, i would NEVER even image hurting them for no reason. i would never think of doing something stupid like pelting rocks through their windows, trying to cause trouble, etc. the heck, if i saw one of them being unjustfully attacked, chances are i would go and defend them. im not a terrorist. i don't agree with their beliefs or anything, but I still wouldn't try to meddle with their affairs by trying to "save them" from their "tyrant religion." what they do is their business! End of.

no one says you have to like/agree with our way of life- we dont care if you dont- but if you don't like it, just buzz off already. its not bloody rocket science!

we don't need anyone telling us who to worship, and how! what you see on the outside, is completely different on the inside. believe it or not, Muslim women are not oppressed. we are taken care of like gems, im not joking. any Muslim woman who observes the Hijab (probably even the ones who doesn't either), would tell you the same. And our men are NOT tyrants. they just have a strong sense of pride (which makes you feel comforted and special).

that's the problem with you people is that you just attack without understanding! i just don't understand how you have the "technological world, etc," under your feet, so to speak, and yet you dont even have the common sense to respect others!

and even worse is that your're the same people who boast of democracy and freedom of speech, and yet turn around and do this!!! what sheer hypocrisy!!!

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Ummu Sufyaan
01-14-2009, 07:51 AM

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