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01-19-2009, 07:42 PM
Ten Recommendations for the Muslim Ummah
Shaykh Safar ibn 'Abd al-Rahman al-Hawali

"The True Promise... The Bogus Promise"

Indeed, the danger and size of the challenge makes it incumbent upon us that we quickly act to confront it and... that it is by a complete reform of the ummah by the following suggestions:

1. It is incumbent that we spread knowledge of the 'aqeedah [creed] throughout our ummah, and the correct creed at all levels, in particular the 'aqeedah of "al-walaa' wal-baraa" and that we proclaim that the [Middle East] conflict is an Islamic conflict and that at the Madrid [peace] conference Islam was not represented, for we neither heard therein "Allah said..." or "His Messenger said..." or that "Jerusalem belongs only to the Muslims." The Middle East question is fundamentally Islamic and is not particular to the Palestinians or the Arabs alone.

It is an Islamic question touching all Muslims till the Hour of Judgement is established.

2. It is incumbent that we revive the role of our masaajid (i.e.plural of Masjid) to fight this media and educational blitz [directed against us]. We only own our masaajid. Our masaajid - and all praise belongs to Allah - do have a great influence and we must therefore seek to maximize its role. If we do not own satellites to fight their satellite broadcasts, we should at least maximize the effect [we gain] from the [only] means [we possess] in our hands.

3. It is incumbent that we unify the ranks of the Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah throughout the world. This - by Allah's permission - as a first step toward uniting the ranks of the whole ummah upon the way of the righteous Salaf. We are also obligated to come together upon specific da'wah and practical means to spread this 'aqeedah while avoiding raising differences in the secondary matters dealing with ijtihad. Rather these differences [in matters of ijtihad] are to be resolved in a manner [reflecting our] mutual love, brotherhood, and mercy [towards one another]. This [can be] achieved by reviving the manners of dealing with differences, [as it was practised by the Salaf, when they dealt with the differences]that existed between [them].

4. It is incumbent that we establish Islamic financial institutions to fight the usury [based financial institutions] that seek to invade the region.

5. It is incumbent that we are aware of the subtle changes being introduced into our educational curricula. We are obligated to increase the comprehension of our students to those Qur'anic verses and statements of the Prophet - - pertaining to the plots of the Jews toward us. We must link these specific Qur'anic texts and statements of the Prophet - - with the current circumstances that we live [in].

6. It is incumbent upon us that we spread hope throughout this ummah in the eventuality of Allah's "True Promise", Blessed and Exalted is He. So that this ummah will not fall into despair, we must link this ["True Promise"] to the evidences in the sharee'ah and current events.

For throughout any period of its history, our Islamic ummah is an ummah that has never known despair. [For] we are certain that Allah is Our Victor.

7. [It is incumbent upon us that] we work to spread Islam in the West and in America in particular. It is also incumbent upon us that we watch the plots and movements conspiring [in the West] against us. Our advice to my brothers living in the West is that they watch these plots. After holding on to their religion, it is then [required] upon them to call the Westerners to Islam. The [West's] spiritual emptiness and the [Islamic] movements [in the West] provide us many opportunities to spread the Islamic message and especially in America. If those who are guided [to Islam] can then penetratethe media outlets and political arena they can do much, [Insha' Allah].

8. [It is incumbent upon us that] we truly stand fully and with all our might with the Palestinians throughout the occupied territories. We must aide them with da'wah, books, money, and everything they need for their Jihad. We must encourage them to remain in the occupied lands and increase their numbers. This is what Israel's numeric, political and material lacks. The Americans, British, and others - the Jews and Christians among them - donate billions of dollars to Israel. [At the same time,] the Muslims in the occupied lands number in the tens of millions, and there are no barriers or obstacles in their entering the occupied lands. Why is that they do not assist their Muslim brethren in Palestine in co-operation with us and them.

9. It is incumbent [upon us] that we demand the withdrawal of all our wealth and deposits from the banks of our enemies, and spread it [instead] upon the necessities of the ummah throughout the Islamic world. Our enemies live upon the billions we have deposited [in their banks]; while as a result of hunger, poverty, and displacement - millions of Muslims die. It is also incumbent [upon us] that we preserve the wealth of this ummah and the savings marked aside for the future generations [so] that it is [not] gobbled up by the Jews and Christians under the guise of "Peace." Thereby not any time soon, but we find our nations dry.

10. It is incumbent upon us that we fight this luxury, waste and void that this ummah lives in, we [must] muster all the energies of the ummah to face this octopoid enemy.

Save your salaries, [restrict] your spending and [do not waste] your time, for we stand before a large, barbaric enemy. The battle [that is in front of us] is not one of victory or defeat, but rather one of existence or extermination.

{And Allah prevails in His purpose, but most of humanity know not.}
(The Quran 12:21)

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