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02-16-2009, 05:02 PM

Please do you know any mufti or baba or anyone I can contact so they can help me with jadoo problem? I am scared, very much. My dad is very bad, he lied to my mum and married her. I have 8 siblings. My mum found out about the marriage but stuck with my dad for us. He continued to lie to her, always taking her money and never paying bills. People said he is bad, he has other women in other country aswell and he has now married another woman in UK where we live.

His wife in Pakistan does jadoo on us and on my mum she wont stop, we found out from a baba, who died some months ago. He also told us that this new wife does taveez and jadoo and she gets taveez from ShamSuddin Azeemi. Please meri madat karo...I have considered suicide but dismiss the thought because it will hurt my family. I shed tears everytime I see my mum because I see her in pain, many people doing jadoo. Its killing me. Please help me.imsad:w:

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02-21-2009, 11:06 AM

i am so sorry to hear about your situation sis. May Allah swt help you......ameen
Put Your trust in Allah sis......

This is a lecture By Dr.Farhat Hashmi....
( its in urdu...... as i think u can understand it)

Magic- reality and Cure
You can listen or download as well...

Try listening to this lecture and you will know inshaAllah more.

And if you want to listen something in English. I would highly recommend this one

Jinns and Magic By Sameer Abu Hamza

Donot go any person etc for the cure of magic. You never know, if that person is himself a magician....... Put your trust in Allah..... and read the last two surahs of the Quran...... along with the others that have been mentioned in the hadeeth ( u will get the info in these lectures). And Protect your iman and islam.........

may Allah swt help u and the whole muslim ummah (ameen)


P.S. Mods, i think this thread needs to be moved in the advice and support section.

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