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02-26-2009, 08:42 PM

10 Reasons Not To Miss Heart Serene

Shaykh Riad explains why..

Shaykh Riad was born in Cassablanca, Morocco. After graduating in Islamic Studies in Morocco, he moved to the US, achieving a BA and Masters in Computer Information Systems. He furthered his Islamic Studies in Aqeedah and Fiqh and now concentrates on the sciences of Hadith. He currently resides in Dubai where he work as an IT Consultant. He is also a Martial Artist excelling in Muy Thai, Kickboxing and submission fighting.

Other Details Of The Course

Double Weekend Seminar 10-12th
& 18-19th April (Easter) 2009

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More info available at: www.almaghrib.org/bradford or email northUK@almaghrib.org

Supported by IslamChannel.

Click here to register online NOW

AlMaghrib North, Qabeelat AlMass. Bradford UK.

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03-25-2009, 04:09 PM
Really good 10 points. I have always wanted to learn more about ibn Qayyims work but struggle with Arabic.


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