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Ummu Sufyaan
03-10-2009, 09:02 AM
From another forum:

An amazing axample of the adab amongst our 3 great Scholars- Sheikh Ibn Baaz, Sheikh Ibn Uthaimeen and Sheikh Al-Albani (rahimahum Allah)
the speaker is Shiekh Muhammad hassan
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this isn't the full translation of the vid, btw just a small portion.
this gathering was during the Hajj and specifically in Mina.
and this was the last time Sheikh Al Albani goes to Hajj, may Allah cover his soul with mercy. The Ameer (the leader) of the gathering or the meeting was Sheikh Ibn Baz, may Allah widen his grave.

Obviously the people and students of knowledge were coming with questions to ask the three Sheikhs.

When a question in Aqeedah would come up to the Sheikh (Sheikh Ibn Baz), he would answer it himself. and whenever a question related to Fiqh comes up he'd forward it to Sheikh Ibn Othaimeen to answer it. while anything related to Hadith and its science, would go to Sheikh Al Albani.

We (Shiekh Muhammed Hassan) were sitting to benefit and listen. and we waited for Dhuhr (noon) prayer to be prayed and we were wondering who would lead the prayer with the presence of such great scholars.

When we got up to pray.
Shiekh Ibn Baz said to Shiekh Al Albani
" O' ya Abu Abd Al Rahman, go to the front and lead you are our Imam "

Shiekh Al Albani then responded
" No No No !!!! you are our Shiekh "

so Shiekh Ibn Baz responded
" we are all equal with the memorisation of Quran (meaning we all memorise it), and you are the most knowledgeable among us with the Hadith of the Prophet peace be upon Him, so go to the front and lead "

so Shiekh Al Albani answers the request of Shiekh Ibn Baz and gets to the front to lead the prayer, and suddenly he looks back to Shiekh Ibn Baz and asks
" O' our Sheikh, do you want me to pray according to the prayer of the Prophet peace be upon Him ??? or do you want me to be light and and easy ????? "

so Shiekh Ibn Baz responds
" lead us according to the prayer of the Prophet peace be upon Him, teach us ya Sheikh how He peace be upon Him used to pray"

look what Sheikh Ibn Baz with all his knowledge is saying.....

" teach us ya Shiekh "

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03-10-2009, 02:00 PM

Jazakallah khair! Wonderful

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