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View Full Version : iQuran Recitation Software for iPhone and iPod Touch (القرآن الكريم آي-فون)

04-02-2009, 03:28 AM

iQuran - the World's Most Advanced Mobile Quran (Koran/Coran) Recitation software for Apple iPhones and iPod Touch.

Carrying the Noble Quran wherever you went was never this easy.

iQuran offers its users the Complete Quran in Arabic along with its various translations. Richly featured and fully interactive! Specially designed to allow easy reading with easy scrolling, iPhone style. With excellent built-in audio capabilities, iQuran utilizes these to provide a very satisfying recitation playback experience, excellent navigation and fast scrolling support with verse for verse recitation along with auto-scrolling and verse highlighting. Get it now on iPhone and iPod Touch for FREE
The iQuran application divided into three mains divisions.

1- Perusal
2- Reading and Listening
3- Reviewing marks
In the main window of the application you can read through all Chapters (Surahes) and Verses (Ayaats). The new thing in the application you can download each chapter only by clicking one button. Moreover, if you would like to download the whole Qur’an without sound it will be 35 Migabytes. Or if you would like you can download with sound, it will be between 500 and 650 Migabytes in depend in who you would like to listen to.

In the Reading and Listening window, it is really easy to move between verses and listen for any verse you would like. Also, you can read the whole chapter. Furthermore, if you move your finger in verse from left to right the application will make reviewing mark so you will notice where you stop last time.

In the reviewing marks window, you can delete and move between the marks you made before.

to download iQuran click here:

to see more Islamic iPhone & iPod Touch Apps such as iSalat, iPray and Quran Word for Word click here

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04-02-2009, 04:32 AM
It doesn't work.

umair shah
04-24-2009, 12:21 PM
Assalam o Alikum to all my brothers and sisters. Alhamdulilah its really encouraging to see younger generation finding ways to islamize the modern gadgets of today. There are a couple of realted apps available at the itune store by the name “iHadith” and “99 names of Allah and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)”

here is the link to those apps



Jazak Allah

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