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04-08-2009, 02:21 PM
as salaam alaikum,

Excellent Article from Orriya Maqbool Khan (Urdu)

Summary (in English):

1) Even the most corrupt, inept and incapable police detective (in Pakistan) doesn’t file an official report, gathers his men and storms a location on the basis of a blurry video! But this is precisely what people have been doing, accusing and counter-accusing, speculating and condemning based on a grainy-blurry video!

2) I have spent 10 years out of my 25 year working Career grappling with crime (and its investigation) and the last 19 years of my life have been spent writing TV plays, shooting them and long part of my work is spent on the editing table going through shot-images frame-by-frame and I have spent my talent on this video and gone through it frame-by-frame and whoever has shot it has employed wicked and evil trickery by intentionally not showing any buildings, roads or landmarks (so the location can’t be identified) and not focused on faces (so people can’t be identified)…The faces of the perpetrators are not covered YET they are scared for their lives and NEVER ONCE look directly at the Camera.

3) It is DEAD OBVIOUS that the voices are dubbed later as there is no background noise (from the crowd) and you often hear the sound BEFORE the lash actually hits the girl

4) I believe the final editing may have been left out because the girl simply stands as soon as the lashing STOPS…Its like a director saying “CUT” and the Heroine breaks into a laughter after doing a scene in which she was crying (a moment ago).

5) The language being spoken and the dialect is NOT from SWAT!

6) Syed Muhammad Javed was my colleague in the Civil-Service Academy and he is now the commissioner in Malakand Agency (*) and he says “I swear by Allah that this incident has NOT occurred in SWAT”

(*) Added by Muadh Khan: The person being mentioned is a Pakistani Government official and not part of or connected with Taliban.

7) I am ashamed to part of Media which has circulated this video without investigation about its Authenticity.

The only oppressed one out of the whole incident is the Qur’aan which people have been reviling, abusing and criticising. Shame on such people and their wicked tongues who speak out WITHOUT ascertaining the truth!

Muadh Khan's response to some Muslims:

Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

If you can’t read the whole thing….just read the first part…

Girl Flogging in Pakistan: Part I


The video of the young girl being flogged in Pakistan has instantly captured the imagination of people (both Muslims and Non-Muslims) around the world. It has provoked a disgusting response amongst both Muslims and Non-Muslims and looking at it (matter of factly), it’s very bizarre to say the least.

This video throws two separate challenges simultaneously:

1) Firstly, to Muslims (themselves) as to they don’t know how to react to this! Is this really Sunnah? Is this really what my religion (of Islam) teaches me?

2) Secondly, how do Muslims respond to Non-Muslims over this?

To the Muslims: It’s an act of Kuf’r to criticise the Islamic Shariah in anyway no matter how repugnant, barbaric, shameful or backwards it may seem. Fortunately, there is NOTHING in Islam which is any of those, its often our perception or propaganda or incorrect facts which may lead us to such conclusions. It is ALWAYS SAFE to simply say I don’t know the true facts so I consign this matter to Allah (SWT) and let Allah (SWT) be the judge. There is no doubt that there is a lot of pressure on us (Muslims in the West) to explain our religion, to compromise, to change, to adapt but ULTIMATELY it is a test from Allah (SWT). We have to STICK to the true Islam and pass the test, that’s the whole point! Bending Islam defeats the purpose…It will neither help us in this world nor in the next.

Response to the Non-Muslims: If you don’t know the ins and out of a situation its easy and simple to just say to Non-Muslims, “Mate! I live in UK and I have no idea what’s going in SWAT (Pakistan) and forgive me if I don’t accept the account given in the Media. BBC as an organisation has been PROVEN to use misleading information, false reporting, rig their phone-in programs etc, and therefore their credibility is suspect. I believe that just like it’s a mistake to put Christianity on trial because of the actions of the American soldiers in Abu-Ghuraib or because of Hitler’s oppression of Jews its incorrect to put Islam on trial because of the actions of some. I don’t know the facts to even speculate intelligently, let alone give you my opinion”

It may sound like a cop-out but it will save your Eeman!

Girl Flogging in Pakistan: Part II

This BBC reports makes many false claims and before I get to them lets discuss the top three (3) key players of South-Asia:

1) Taliban: They are fighting the Americans, NATO and others inside Afghanistan. Their leader is Mulla Omar

2) TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan): Pakistan Army is fighting them in the border areas e.g. tribal areas of Pakistan i.e. Bajor Agency, Khurrum Agency etc. Their leader is Baitullah Mahsud is an Indian trained Terrorist. TTP is supported, backed, armed, trained and financed by Indian RAW. Bodies have been recovered from the tribal areas and upon examination found to be uncircumcised, their weapons are highly sophisticated and they have the ability to JAM Pakistan Army communication equipment (US Supplied). All in all these are no simple Pushtuns trying to implement Shariah.


No doubt that there must be some sincere Pakistanees/Muslims who are within TTP. Also there is a lot of anger in Pakistani tribal belts because of what going on in Afghanistan and US constantly bombing Pakistani villages and killing civilians but as a whole the activities of TTP are suspect.


The latest “joke” is that Baitullah Mahsud (of TTP) called a news conference in Islamabad and claimed the shooting in New York done by a 41 year old Vietnamese EX-IBM employee!


Most of the vile Terrorist activities which are reported in the West are done by TTP and not Taliban (of Afghanistan).

3) TNSM (Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammdi): SWAT is a beautiful tourist area of Pakistan which enjoyed Semi-Autonomous rule in India and the British let the state of SWAT run its affairs under Shariah. In 1947 the state of SWAT joined Pakistan but continued to run its affairs and courts under the Shariah law. In 1969 Pakistan dissolved the state of SWAT and for the first time Pakistani (or rather British based Civil Code and Courts) started work in SWAT. Being used to FREE, FAIR and FAST justice for centuries the people of SWAT have NEVER accepted the Pakistani system of courts (with its inherent corruption and scandals) and have always demanded their old system (e.g. Shariah Courts). They claim that Pakistani government usurped their rights which even the British had protected under their rule.

People of SWAT have been asking for their “Shariah courts” back since 1969!

TNSM is a movement formed by Sufi Muhammad (of SWAT) and they have been asking for Shariah in SWAT since 1992. In 2001 when the Americans invaded Afghanistan Sufi Muhammad tried to wage Jihad against the Americans and as result his organisation (with a local concern e.g. Shariah in SWAT) was banned as a Terrorist organisation and he was imprisoned. Please note that TNSM has been running BEFORE Taliban and BEFORE US invasion of Afghanistan!


In Sufi Muhammad’s absence his son-in-law (Maulana Fazlullah) took over and formed an alliance with TTP (see 2 above) and clashes started with the Pakistan Army. Hundreds of dead later, Pakistan released Sufi Muhammad from prison and within weeks he negotiated with the Pakistan government and Pakistan Army retreated.

Most of the vile Terrorist activities which are reported in the West are done by Maulana Fazlullah & TTP and neither Taliban (of Afghanistan) nor TNSM.


Pakistani government agreed to the demands of “Shariah courts” in SWAT and overwhelming majority of people in SWAT are now happy to have a ceasefire.

Before reading Part III, ask yourself a simple question! Why would a group and its people who have been asking for something for decades (e.g. “Shariah courts”) want to jeopardise their cause after they have paid such a price for it?

Girl Flogging in Pakistan: Part III

1) First and foremost notice the BBC deception in their “edited reporting” of events in two different languages.

a) The English version shows a truncated video of 53 seconds.


b) The Urdu version shows the longer video which is 2 minutes and 4 seconds!


Most of the clues are off course in the longer version of the video clip.

2) BBC erroneously continues to report TNSM as Taliban e.g. the media is trying to create a negative figure in people’s hearts and minds, e.g.:

a) Person wearing Shalwar Kameez

b) Long Beard

c) Turban

d) Carrying weapons

a,b,c & d must be Taliban and must be ignorant, backwards and barbaric! Most people in NWFP fit all four (4) categories above and are therefore automatically condemned (in global news).

`And most importantly anyone looking like above must by default be Taliban and Islamic Shariah must be put on trial

3) TNSM have already condemned this video as FAKE!


In the Press-conference TNSM spokesmen “Muslim Khan” stated that the only women flogging in SWAT was administered to an older women who had an illicit relationship with her father-in-law and 16 lashes were administrated by “ FOUR (4) MALE CHILDREN” in an abandoned building!

The four (4) children were presented to the general public and given a chance to answer questions.

Notice that the BBC has reported this in Urdu but failed to translate and carry this in English!

4) Anyone who subscribes to the views of “Publicly flogging people” also believes that Photography and Video is HARAM! So why would they let someone film this story?

TNSM spokesmen “Muslim Khan” conducts his press conferences with his face covered because they believe that photography is HARAM and for the first time when this video broke, he actually uncovered his face in a News conference!

5) Watch the video and ask yourself, “Are these decent images which someone supposedly trying to implement Shariah will broadcast”?

6) The girl in the video gets lashed 34-36 times! I don’t know any punishment in Islam which is 34-36 lashes? Notice in three (3) that TNSM lashed an adult women 16 times for having an affair with her father-in-law and this teenage girl gets lashed 34-36 times? How??? What???

7) The girl gets lashed 34-36 times and then gets up instantly and starts walking straight! Most people won’t be able to get up and walk for days after getting 36 lashes

8) People of SWAT are generally of short stature and fair skinned, these guys don’t look like from SWAT at all!

9) The dialect of PUSHTO is not from SWAT

10) At 1 minute 4 seconds the guys who is flogging SLAPS AND HITS the guy who is holding the girl down! Ask yourself is that part of Islamic Shariah. Note: BBC have skipped this scene!

11) While slapping and hitting he tells the guy to hold the girl right and CURSES HIM, The curse is in Punjabi (not in Pushtu) and the whole accent is distinctly from Hazray? Ask yourself would anyone trying to implement Shariah Curse?

12) Lastly, THE SMOKING GUN! Why? What will TNSM win by advertising this video?This hurts their cause rather then serve it!

P.S: I don’t know Pushto so I am relying on someone from SWAT to tell me about 9 & 11. The video is properly made (and not something which someone has filmed on their mobile) as you will notice the guy towards the feet of the girl constantly looking into the Camera. I am also told that when the girl gets up and walks towards the Camera the guys shouts at her for walking towards the Camera (in Pushto) so can't be a candid Camera sort of thing

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04-08-2009, 02:25 PM
Shouldnt this thread be merged with the original article?

04-08-2009, 03:15 PM
loved this article ... so truee wish i had email id of these tv channels so that i cud send them this article ... jazakAllah a lot brother!

04-09-2009, 11:44 AM
Originally Posted by ^..sTr!vEr..^
wish i had email id of these tv channels so that i cud send them this article ...
salaam sister,

even if u had send them this article, they will not publish them bcoz that will bring world more nearer to Islam which they dont want.

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04-10-2009, 08:10 PM

This was posted in the original thread here:

Its second time I am finding a post very similar to what I had posted earlier...


04-10-2009, 10:20 PM
may Allah give victory to the mujahideen


04-11-2009, 07:18 PM
Ameen ^
and bro ahmed we shud and we must make atleast one effort cuz obviously we cannot give hidaya but our part would be played :) think positively ..inshallah

04-13-2009, 05:21 PM
You did your reasearch my main man And I pray for you and the others in Afghanistan and Pakistan!

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