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04-12-2009, 01:44 AM
al sallam alaikoum wa rahmatoo allah wa barakatoh, can someone help me with this please. i want to know who wrote these quotes, and what area of islam do the authors deal with. thank you for your help

-“Since the work we have written [a biography of Ibn Taymiyya] is not a hagiography, but a biography, we examined major works in our library for positive and negative accounts of Ibn Taymiyya, and then produced this work. Then we gave it as a gift to honorable personages, who must endure the torments of those who pass their time insulting the likes of Ibn Taymiyya, a man who spent his life in the service of religion and community…”

-“The civilized world progressed by saving reason from church authority. At the same time, Muslim madrasas [schools] were busy studying the commentaries of medieval theology [kalam]. Muslim writers were addicted to, and were proud of, writing commentaries on such texts. At that time, the mind of the Muslims was captive in the hands of unoriginal jurisprudents and philosophers. It must have been this widespread stoppage of brains that caused the mind of the Muslim world to remain lifeless and motionless, and therefore to decline.”

- “To attribute the call for ijtihad to the *******yya … is a false accusation, a lie, and a slander against them. All the people of Najd follow the school of the Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, adopting his opinions on the individual points of law and agreeing with him on theology and articles of faith. Shaykh Muhammad stated this explicitly in many of his treatises. He did not claim ijtihad, nor did he call on anybody to adopt him as an authority…”

- “It is this taqlid that caused recent Islamic legal scholars to devote hundreds of pages to menstruation, a topic not even mentioned in the Qur’an, while failing to pay any attention to morality, which makes up a very large part of the Holy Book of the Muslims. I wish they had spent just one tenth of their time considering the moral values that the Qur’an orders, rather than indulging themselves in matters of religious law…”

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