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View Full Version : United we stand...divided we fall

06-13-2009, 08:03 AM

i think the Topic says it all.

we all must unite under the banner of Quran and sunnah.

we all must try to told to the rope of Allah -Most High to win His pleasure.

then only our lost honour and dignity can be restored.

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sister herb
06-13-2009, 08:33 AM

You are right brother in any cases.

Muslims are oppressed in many countries and only united we can be strong for protect them. Also as showing we are united we can tell to non-muslims what Islam is; how beautifull it is to be one of us - muslim.

your sister

Muslim Woman
06-13-2009, 08:33 AM

format_quote Originally Posted by ahmed_indian

..we all must try to told to the rope of Allah -Most High to win His pleasure.
You mean , we must hold the rope of Allah ...yes , sure :)

06-13-2009, 05:18 PM
At first, as non-native english speaker I don't know what's the right english word for 'Rahmat'.
Scholar in my country always says "Difference is Rahmat". And I'm totaly agree. There are some difference between a Muslim and another Muslim but that is not a reason for fight or call Kafir to another, and that is not a reason for cursing some persons in Islam.

Unfortunately, not every Muslim can accept those difference. You can count how many Iraqi people were killed in battle against US military and their ally, and how many Iraqi people were killed in sectarian attack. That's really make me sad, and case like that not only happened in Iraq, also in Pakistan.

I hope they will realize, if united Islam stands, if divided Islam falls. And I hope one day all Muslims will unity. When we have unity, we can solve all problems in Islam and we can build a better future for ummah.

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