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slave of Allaah
07-08-2009, 12:58 PM
:sl:I would like to know if any of you are youth workers or people who have some experience in this field. I have recently started a group off catering for some youngsters and Im finding it difficult to get funding for basics such as taking them to play footy in a hired 5 a side court. Myself and a few brothers have already devised a summer project, a residential as wel as other actvities but funds are not forthcoming. I havent tried to make an announcement in the Mosque as they rae in dire need of donations as well as a school we are involved with. Any money I look at must be clean ie not lottery funded etc. At the moment we have a weekly circle where a brother teaches the kids Tawheed and islamic manners, the football is another activity but I wish to take them further afield to broaden their horizons and this requires money.
Any help in this would be superb , we were hoping for a cheap mini bus to take them around to walks, circles, conferences etc but we are not able to.:w:

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