View Full Version : Martyr of The HIJAB

07-19-2009, 12:09 PM
asalam u alikum wa rehmatulahi wa berkathu

have you all heard of sister Marwa Sherbini.

she was martyrd in a german court defedning her HIJAB.

She was pregnant and the whole drama unfolded in front of her four-year-old boy. The security guards who rushed to the scene opened fire on her husband, who was trying to defend her, mistaking him for the attacker. He is in a critical condition.

Where have the real muslims gone?Why are they sleeping?What are you brothers and sisters?

Will you wake up when your sister or brother will be killed will you then wake up?There is no unity, no sense of brotherhood every muslim nation is serving its own cause.

Wake up wake up wake up or your sisters, your mothers will also be in danger. Your brothers will be martyred will then you get up from your deep sleep.

May ALLAH have mercy on us Please ALLAH forgive our sins and wake us up from the deep sleep please ALLAH forgive us.AMEEN

May ALLAH give the martyrd sister the highest place in JANAH AMEEN.

i couldnot sleep after coming to know this news.

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