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maqsood hasni
07-29-2009, 09:15 AM
The Language Problem

Maqsood Hasni

Complied By:
Prof. Mohammad Abdulla Qazi (PhD Isl. Std., PhD Linguistics)
Principal, Govt College, Bahawalnagar

1. Why to do it jump to learn Urdu under any language of the world
2. Word is to silence instrument of expression
3. This is the endless truth
4. The words will not remain the same style
5. Hindustani can be sugested makes man comunication language!
6. Not new has been added in the alphabet
7. The pronounciation problem
8. A languge teacher can make a lot for the human society

“Maqsood Hasni was born in1951, at Islam Pura Tehsil and Distt. Kasur. His father, Syed Ghulam Hazoor Shah, was a Punjabi Sufi poet. He got his early education from his father. He got his master degrees in Urdu, Political Science, Economics and History from the Punjab University. He passed his M.Phil (Urdu) from Allama Iqbal Open University. He got his Doctorate in linguistics from USA
Along with this bright academic career, he has a very long and vast career as a journalist. Hundreds of his essays have been published in various journals and newspapers.
As a poet, short story writer, humorist, linguistic, critic, researcher, Ghalib expert, Iqbal expert he wrote nineteen books.
He tested his mettle in poetry in different languages and dialects (Urdu, English, Punjabi, Gojri, Pothuhari, etc.)
He has a long, bright career as an educationist comprising twenty three years.” (Prof Niamat Ali)

Why to do it jump to learn Urdu under any language of the world
This age is very strange and painful for slave nations. They are not knowing or not understanding what to do or which to leave. They are breathing under the domination powers. They have not the clear distination. There the deparatments work under the guaiance or the supervision of others. The true unfortunate is this that the powers of forgion do not know there needs, , mental leval, thought anatomy, working the preferences etc. They know only how to return these weak and weak nations and order over their resources.
The education department is espcially disrupted by their interference and attitude. The principal cources of university have not the individual match of spirit. For example I will talk here on the subject of the language of Urdu. The langauage of Urdu is a 2nd speaking language of the world. That has a stronge expressing power and a sounds system of his matching man. In this regard no language can be held before Urdu.
This language has his own sentence to do the rules and the code. Why to do it jump to learn it under any language of the world. This is the true Muslems have their own methods, phychalogy, attitude, likes, dilikes and life preferences. This is equally the Muslem regitered of a fact are as and like the persian one and the Arabic. Reasoning, the two languages affected on their local languages. The Muslems have heart relation with these leanguages. But his average no under which one must think the Urdu or by or with the assistance of these languages. The languages ie Arabic and the Persian one have possess there installed linguistics and the system of sounds that is different absloutely of the Urdu or of behind.
In the universities Arabic and the Persian one are included as cource necessary. The student must study these two languages. Which need of the study of these two languages to learn the Urdu. Which links and cocercon of these languages with the Urdu. One does not think currently nevertheless any language of the world or by the assistance of other languages. They have adopted the so many words of other languages. You can obtain the English as example. It let words of thousands adopt of other, not only this English has got a lot of noises of componds Sh, kh, ph, ch, gh etc. Engish is not thought anywhere in the world by or trough or with the help of any other language.
Why the Arabix and the Persian one are included in the principal cources. Which Arabic and persian word took place in the Urdu is not now the Arabic or Persian. That very different of these two languages by a lot of reasons:
1. There the meanings in the Urdu are different
2. In the Urdu there the usages are not as there maternal languages
3. Here the words mahajar have the different pronanciation there in value and the value is different
4. The system of linguistics of the Urdu is different quitely of the latter bilingual ones
It is stupid and old days thinking that we can not learn and pass Know outside the Arabic and the Persian one. While these are languages of seprate so why to lean itself the for the better one and learn consequently the language of Urdu. I want to mention a certain example the release and arrangement and to clear my point of view:
• Hoor, oqaat, asami, ahwaal are pural in Arab but the latter are the unique one used in the Urdu.
• These words equally are not employed as there systems of linguistis of mother tongues.
• A more thing they have the different Urdu of meaning of the there maternal language.
• Aie'nak (means glasses) is a composed world (Aien, the Arab means eyes); runs naak, average smell, (a local word) and never are employed in Arbaic.
• Zimma; an Arabic word, (responsible means) but speaks here the zomma.
• Zomawaar, zomma'dar are heard to the western Pendjab. Tashnagi speaks the tishnagi, khalwat speaks the khilwat.
As these hundreds of words the words are speaks inside in different. Khasam is employed for the husband and the master. I can here mentioned of the examples of hundreds to show that these words mahajar are have not now a small concern with the Arab or persian. It is true that these languages did the affects on the Urdu but his average no that now the Urdu have the Arabic or the Persian become one. On the reasoning that these languages have the affect and deep affections on the Urdu thus these languages are necessary to learn the Urdu, why not English, Japanese, Turkish and a lot of other languages did not include in cources of Masters of Urdu. I think that no one have answar of this question.
In the new age the English did the affects of root on the Urdu. On this earth masters editors of cource should take the English in the principal cources because morden the urdu have the word of thousands of the English in different model and meanings of form. I recommended that the Urdu must be matter and treated by the Urdu because it has its own rules of identity and of linguistics.
The word transfer from a language to other, is not a strange process. In fact the gathering of man the other visits men or of man to other places or the man come from different places. They would have to take care of the various works and life bussines. Of this manner they obtain a lot of things of every others. They speak on a lot of questions and of burning matters of the day. By of this manner, the words move themselves of here to there. The Urdu is a language of phase and social. It obtain not only of the affects of the other equally put affect of languages on them. A sincer and a researcher working hard can find words of language of Urdu in different forms, forms and meaning in the world languages.

Word is to silence instrument of expression

It maybe under many reasons of conflect between nations, cultures, civilizations, families, even man to man. But two plows not ignoreable:
1- Man remains Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces or keep Officers' Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces form man to man on the bases of selfishness. Selfish elements to ever desired to have hold on resources of world or keep to man in lowest position for geting his resources and servics on low rates. Crown or to power holders also did the same game.
2- a.Having one mistaken some sayings. Sayings maybe quitely different as have understood.
Word is to silence instrument of expression. When to person touch this instrument, it should sees started woking under the decission of that person's social, economical and religious required needs and desires. It works according to the equality, dislikeness, of the need or the style or the mood of his speaker. Meaning dog not sees fixed for Word.
One Word dog sees used for many type meaning i.e beauty, not beauty, selfishness, true, rolls, angry, agree, disagree, faith, disfaith and under. Some times to speaker say very different or oposite from understanding. It also dog sees happened people understandingly get worng or oposite meaning for their benifits.
Way of talking or mood of to listener also dog sees caused misunderstanding and conflect. It dog sees represented language of court for as example reference. If Word have fixed meaning this controductry position shall to never occours. Law will to never seems helpless on various situations. Lower courts decissions will sees considered final.
Word meanings game take to matter to higher apilent courts. Who do nothing but is punished while criminals and to personnel who there are commited some bad deed plows released and get escapes.
It is to strong and important deed and need of the day that man should eats to closer to each to other. In this deed, sevice man respecting authoritis must also sees taken part with true and to sincer desire. I say with full responsibilty man there are not serious matters or controduction with each and to other. All conflects plows arised and have taken pleases by the heads of ststes/institutions, political elements as well as selfish and gready money and resources controling powers. For They have not care man's pain, to hunger and thirst. They only know how to get dwells and dwells, who is in pain and crices they have not care at all.
The final man with the man banance the life. Man will try to know the other man by his life put up, metal approach, mood, pesonalty opinion, social and economic needs. often way of the traffic needs routine and act etc. by this way will come cutural and and civiliation similirties also on the surface. Man will respect each other. He will do many type relations with everybody others. He will carry each other with the whole use and bads. He will help other in bad times, and celebirate in good times. Whan know man will eats to near to other man then there am will eats to (by way and style of speaking, trend, leval metal, approuch of thinking and many dwells like these things.
Personal Other ones speaking language even then they may sees same language speaking and same City or street persons. After knowing someone personally, meanings dog sees got properly and according to his sayings. Conversian process is very senative.
Talking and listening, both plows depend upon personal understanding and confidence. Without understanding and knowing each to other, decisions dog not sees taken freely with justice. Everyone of us to whether there are is king, president of to country, bussinesman or to begger comman individual or to layman, there are to very short life. In this short no dog affords life conflects. They must not sees give room in life.
Man should live peacefully happily and tention relief through out. Give love and get love. Help everyone under that there am help you. Personal Provide everyone without any likeness. Don't see who is there am color by race.. Possible Peace is not without implimentation stupefies stated two basic but importent necessities of life.

This is the endless truth
Points out that this is the endless truth, so universal cannot support his state of origin. Every instant of life, to change form, sense, use, quality and uses it now. Finally, the end of last year, Communications / death. Nevertheless, it is as an universal fact as the transfer of experience and from competences to other one and of next year will not be stop process at any time.
Novels of the name of model, culture and civilization. Budh pad is Papulose religion and his impact on the subcontinent in the community it ya of good religious Zartusht name of it between the religious world.
We are well known of all are not well brought up, in most cases the name and the respect for the world of the modern society. It makes no doubt that they still exist, but are not well known, was in epoch. They do not dominate the heart of the people and from the Earth. Even if they do not have control of its own means.
When Hazrarat Esa left the world, and to teach the sensitization of its ideas worldwide. Appered even the religion as a culture and from the society of a big creed. That's how this religion thing Now, in daytimes! He stays only as a personal question.
Islam as potency worldwide. Abolition of the big countries of Islam, their ideology and their way of life in these days. Muslim teachers, and previous Sophie Ulmas part of world. They said in the poeple on the beneficial effects of Islam. Sowad hoders also to do the job on the name of Islam. As we must acknowledge that their efforts, the Islam prevailing in Muslis here and there, and respected dignitiy. But what took place the last year?! Now, the day of the Muslim community is at the very least from the worldwide society. Gher Muslims that they do not like the thread. They think that they tarrorest.
Socalism is a consided check "Ism" of the world. After 70 years of it and loses its value and stocks.
It is necessary to say that these countries will be accepect efforts khalafat -e -Arzi / Badshahi. The country controls it all characters. Besides, as I made it experience and competences are going to continue. All these countries are still in the file.
The language is not a seprate by the people. They have even never left only two loudspeakers them. Besides, the predominant language of the person, across their speeches. The impact of the acquisition of the language and the near language, at the same time, in the short term and the effect of the language. The countries of perse language a big country of the world is not, but he can set up a certain number of words and language close to the world. Very as Persian, Arab language, are also worldwide. The different materials that Cathay Pacific has no original form, no form or the sense of this Jalso, faislo, Jaluso, Zimma / Zomma, khasam, Katakana / kanakata and so on, word Arbic is not. Arab, and can be withdrawn if Pesisian the language in the world under different forms, in forms, sounds and meanings.
In the course of meeting formulated a certain number of so-called English government, the poor people and which is the weaks underlines that there was nothing in position of not in English. The Organization of United Nations or even a person cannot advance without the English language. People can have their own objectives and the English language movement.
What is nonesence Statement and stupid?!
Who can say that this decision position will continue in next time. There is not length. This in May to be in French and in English will be a history an past. English is very poor system of sound. It pleaded so that the voice of linguistics Shanghai Composite Engineering, methane, Kazykhanov, the value of the ph. As an integrant party of the language is communication. They speak across their advance.
Every language has its own value. Other dealers of the English language and then most speakers of this language. They have a very good potency and a purchage big. There are numerous natural resources of their competences is in the daytime in the control of a superpower. Who knows when they will be weak and the poor countries am in power. 2ndly if they are going to leave the product and then usings English and to speak English will cease existing.
My point of view is fundamental today that situation and position is not always. As a result, a superpower and its opointed crual and evil, leaders of the necessary slaves to attack these weaknesses of the poverty of hard labour and love of respect and love. They have to look after their needs.
Chinese and Japanese work hard, and very good in Monaco, and we think that Iranis Faith Strong and audacious. It is possible tomarrow one of them will be. Then Cheinse, Japanese and Persian tomarrow in May??
Difficulties met in problem and Pachtounes in conflict. There will probably be to fight in the next fruits. And then all Pakhto is going to dominate the world lagnuages. All that depite shall never forget the fact that the language will lose its value and the value of communication according to objective. Mahajar will be the full value of the fact that the language. I underline one more time that the English alogwith deciples behaive their business, they will not have peace in the world.

The words will not remain the same style
It is a fact that the dictionary is a tool useful in order to understand the meaning of the word. Moreover it helps to sense of a word. Without doubt dictionary a sure time idenritify a track trace or a sighn. The dictionary to moreover says what a word is in itself if relative pronoun of name or some other more. But my point is this that we cannot render them low to knowing or to understand a word. Perhaps the dictionary demonstrates to a tool or an element helping in the search of the linguistica process.
Besiside this, is often transformed in a hardle to knowing or the understanding or discovering of the meanings of a word. A earth part, country does not have a community of the acronyms. That one can have many comunities. That one has always different colors thus, race like the different languages that they speak people. Not only this the same colors, race pure the same people speaking about language do not have one-way of conversation style or speaking. However cultivation of that country on the whole will be considered a cultivation.
Relative it means that cultre of the country, in effects having many mini/little cultivations. Every miniums cultivation have relative the own style, rules and living codes of value of life and tradations social that are only for that cultivation. Quell' perhaps prominente identity of that cultivation. Here theirs of the citizen or the country language of comunication of language, own making style, conversation and phrase will even have theirs the rules. The words have the different uses and meanings the other zones. The word second gives to the meaning the relative phrase. Every construction of phrase within of the situation puts into effect them of value of the cultivation, of quell' event or need or of the legal document of conversation. The words moreover give to the meanings second the relative social condition and of operation.
A word can have different meanings between the person that different the two eg one is servent while other is landladies. The phrases are spoken in the different experiences and on the situactions different. Here the word differs from already in use to the meaning or available in the meanings of the dictionaries. Reason for which every experiece and every situation perhaps different in the experiences record.
The language of the market is not like the domestic language. Here the style and the sense of conversation will be changed automatically. This change, changes the meanings of a word. The market/bazzar is not to consist of a type stores etc of things of the poeople. Thus infuences of this variety on the meaning of the word.
In fact the word has relative servival and the life in a sentence. Thus the meanings have deep relationship with the relative one sentece. If we try to having meanings without a phrase that will be limited the word for fixed and already the meanings. While the fact is this that the word is nothing without a sentece. It is to align that the word indicates a sure thing.
The chair means a thing for location down. But the chair has many to mean other then this meaning. They are not wrong meanings or unaccepted. As an example:
• The chair has relative own preferences.
• The chair must seen all the good ones or bads.
• The not gradice chair people of the anti-chair.
• The chair does not have justification for the critics.
• The chair cannot make some unusual one without relative sporters submissive.
The words will not remain the same style, conversation sense or of it pronounces in the different situations, places of the differents, between different people and the different houses. It does not forget that to mean and the word form they are living in the movments. The movement supplies energy to a word. After experince and long and deep experiments I have obtained this result that without a doubt;
The dictionary is a useful tool for the meanings of words but they are not last and minimal.
the second thing is this that the dictionary does not make resove all the linguistici problems of comunities.
The relative meanings supplied perhaps refused to many places, situations, expeiences, needs to be human and necessity. The words have not repaired and stationary meanings. A word that has positive bonds and meanings but it has a strong possibility perhaps that negitive the defective meanings and are available in the market.
As an example
O (yes, in Urdu acha) it was you who abuse me. (Acha to yah tum thay jis nay mujhy galiaan dein.)
O now i have to leave. (acha to ab mein chalta hoon)
No doubt you have done a good job./Bilashoba tum nay acha kaam kiya hai.
Ab woh acha ho giya hai. Now he is better./Bimar tha sehatmand ho giya hai/bora tha magar ab bora nahain raha. Urdu word acha is using for good or better.

Hindustani can be sugested makes man comunication language!
The department of the man by the religion of the color language range/country or culture actual not an expenditure today. It started very makes first movment of the life. The egoistic elements never like to have a fort or until comman an association makes man. They alway had tried to create one conflect enter the man to the man. Why they make thus? Simple It, they knows if the man close makes man its fincial robbery and desires dominate over men will be closed. They will remain one comman and no body will bend to them. Who will serve and load its rough and not parlimany conversations of nosence and orders. When and where they turn a unit man or asociation they had started its badly dirty and dull methods of the unit in addition of man.
Why the man is not wanted to understand the egoism of being able egoistic? If the man makes to remain in pices, the abandonment of poverty and a slavery will leave never it to free a hand. It will not move away a land freely. Its brothers but life of distant places will understand never it and he does not make in the position to serve in it bad weather. Today presentage of hunter of resources and money is much more dangerous then no past. The money and the hunters of appositive resources are seem one active very then some time.
A religion is resource greatest can be made a unit of human beings. Unhappyly religion failed badly because religion is also has devided in as many parts little and small. It is deficulty to decide a person who is in right or truth. A culture also has much many differences. A land is divided in the many pices.
A thing only remains who can be made a unit of men. Many languge are poken in the word. The man love one its language but an example is available in the world who had joined men of different areas. It is the Urdu. Urdu is not a native language of Pakistanis. Each provinces have as its proper native language/languages. The Punjabi for Punjabis, Sindhi for Sindhis, Balochi for Balochis while Pakhto is a native language of Pakhtoons. People of all area can speak and understand Urdu easily. The whole Pakistanis thinks and considers it one its nantional language. When they find one another they use this language each conversation of type its.
Aries of question,
why the Hindustani (Urdu+Hindi) can be sugested makes man comunication/talk language!
In fact it is Hindustani (Hindi + Urdu). It only has a writing difference. In another way in it speaks and undersatanding, is same. The egoistic elements divide it for fincial and governing benifits. Hindi is a national language and comunicative/talk of India. In the different Universities of the world Hindi and Urdu (Hidustani) are tought as a subject. It very means many people who do not live in Subcontinent, is in the position to speak or to understand or to have both as abilities.
Conde that papulation that they do not live or live in Subcontinent, is more then a half papulation makes world. The Hindustani (hindi of Urdu) has the excess and more sounds of each language make world. It is in the position to cover necessities of language without the sound of sabstitue of each language makes world.
It can adopt each thing that is the style or the way takes/conversation. In this direction for they favor gives one looked in this example:

Os nay khana khaya Hindustani sentence making style
“khaya Khana os nay/ Khana khaya os nay Japnese sentece making style
This Japnese style is not strange or dificult of Hindustani. Each speaks of Hindustani or Hindustani man knowledge can easily understand a significance of the conjunct.
An only substance remains what it is writing. Logotipo it has three writings of writing;
• Arabic (Urdu)
• Dev'nagri (Hindi)
• Roman (English)
Third is comman of Urdu or Hindi that it knows people. It does not have doubt Roman has as many defects in consideration with sounds. linguistics can be decided. I am in the position to argue and also ready the conversations of comperetive in languages make world. I know that this thing is not digestable but second option and a solution of this substance is not available in the market of languages.
The Hindustani is a learning language the easy one makes world. It has more ablity to adopt words, styles, way of saying and types of diferent of the creation of senteces. As above mentioned example:
“khaya Khana os nay/ Khana khaya os nay
this conjunct that makes styles can easily be understood.
Lets to try to demonstrate putting with the presentation of the sounds of some languages of the prominet. You will see that Hindudtani (Hindi+Urdu) it is the richer language of the world regarding the relative acoustic system and is in the position in order to obtain the place like language of comunication of the world.
ا ب پ ت ٹ ث ج چ ح خ د ڈ ذ ر ڑ ز ژ س ش ص ض ط ظ ع غ ف ق ک
گ ل م ن و ء ہ ی ے :37
آ - ں - ؤ – ئ :04
آ (ا + ا, ا+mad)
( Aao آ ؤ, khao, pao, lao, pilao,
Badamaan, farozaan, charaghaan, mehmaan,
Sonae, othae, lae, aae)
Maha Paran:ب ھ ۔ پ ھ ۔ ت ھ ۔ ٹ ھ ۔ ج ھ ۔ چ ھ ۔ د ھ ۔ ڈ ھ ۔ ڑ ھ ۔
ک ھ ۔ گ ھ :11
Symbolic sounds: Zabar, zair, paish, shaad, jazam :05
Khari zabar, khari zair :02
Olta paish: :01
Azghambilghona: :01
(In writing donba but in speaking domba)
(Donbala in writing but in speaking dombala)
Total :61
Note: I have made deliberately not pointed out some sounds of the streat in the list.
ا ب ت ث ج ح خ د ذ ر ز س ش ص ض ط ظ ع غ ف ق ک ل م
ن و ء ہ ی ے :30
Symbolic sounds: Zabar, zair, paish, shaad, jazam :05
Khari zabar, khari zair :02
Olta paish, Azghambilghona :02
Total: :39


Total: 32


a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z :26
ee, ll, mm, oo, ss, tt :06
Double letter sounds do not consider like shad or do not think that it is a subtitue of shad
Compond sounds: sh, ph, ch. gh, kh, bh, dh, jh, th :09
Th provides two sounds:
د : the, this, that, them
ت ھ: thali, thaal, brtha
Thought, throug
(th do not provide full coverage to د
In fact this sound is mostly used for ت ھ)
su for sheen (ش) e.g. suger :01
ion for za’ay farsi (ژ) e.g. Sesion,vision :01
Some impotent points:
1. For ثس and ص the s is only available.
2. For ذزض and ظ the z it is used.
3. ت is not available in English. The relative sound of the sabtitute is t while the relative sound is ٹ
4. for the sound of the residual one of خ Kh is used while it ک ھ pronounced Example:
khali mean empty
khata mean the workplace, the book record, the layer of blance etc.
khana means the meal
Total: :41

K, s, t, n, h, m, y, r, w, g, z, d, b, p :14
K has two sounds ka and kha
J :01
With reference to h, f fu :01
with reference to ch chi, cha, chu, cho :04
i e o u are used with the basic sounds :05
Azghambilghona: :01
Example: Shum’bon will be pronunced shun’bon

Total: :26
A – a, B – be, C – ce, Ç – çe, D – de, E – e, F – fe, G – ge, Ğ – ğe, H - he I - ı Ii,
j-je, K-ke, L-le, M-me, N-ne, O – o, Ö - ö as in "urge",P – pe, R – re, S – se, Ş - şe as in "shelf",
T – te, U – u, Ü – ü as in "fruit, nude", V – ve, Y – ye, Z - ze as in "zebra"
Total: :28
Aa –ah, Ä ä, ay/ai, Bb-bay, Cc –say, Dd-day, Ee-ay, Ff-Ef, Gg-gay, Hh-haa, Ii-eeh,
Jj-yot, Kk –kh, Ll-ell, Mm-emm, Nn-enn, Oo-oh, Ö ö-ooh, Pp-pay, Qq-koo, Rr-err,
Ss-ess, , Tt-tay, Uu-ooh, Ü ü-uyuh, Vv-fow, Xx-ixx,
Ww-oop-see-lohn, Zz-zett
ß-ess -zett (s-z ligature)

Total: :28

Aa, B be V ve, C ce, D de, E (e), f (efe), G (ge), H (hache), I (i), J (jota), K (ka), L (ele), M (eme) N (en), Ñ (eñe), O (o), P (pe), Q (cu), R (ere) S (ese), T (te), U (u), B (be) and (ve), W (double u/double v), X (equis), Y (i griega), Z (zeta)
Ch (che), LL (elle), RR (double ere)
Total: :29
I want to say that many sounds have place in atmosphare and in the seasons as also our speaking organs are in the position in order to express the majority of they easy but these sounds are not in use in the languages in the state of writing.
Why they are not in use?
Much simple one, because they are not included in the alphabet. Perhaps the experts in language never try to know or have ignored many talks of the streat. They would have to put attention on the conversation of people in the procedure or on the taks franchi free. Shurely thinks that many sounds are going in the talks but they have not included in the alphabet of languages. Many sounds are in fact in use in the conversations or in the talks but these sounds have not obtained the room in the writing sounds. Here I would be intentional to point out an example from the Punjabi:
ب ھ in the writing پہ in speaking
In the relative result all the writings have existence second the sounds written annotation (alphabet). On this base they think that only the alphabet sounds are available in their atmosphare and in their seasons. The experts in language must work in this field.
Sure they must think that only Hindustani can help it in so far as. Every sound of the pointed out languages could be easy pronounced direct Hindustani but many play especially the maha' paran and the symbolic sounds are not available in their annotation of written language. Sure you have thought that Hindustani has expression regading of the room for all the type conversation.
In fact I want to eliminate that sound are main source of VIP and to express oneself. The words are deciples of these sounds. Every sound has relative own putting to point of expression and the cultivation. It gives the figure to the ideas, expression of thoughts and to the needs of situation. They convert in the figure or image or follows to our sensibility. They are sighns of the traces and symble that what is going in our body heart or mind or what we want to say the things, the person or the place. This thing leads to the coments event of audience or situation or atmosphere or seasons and their presentations.
The sounds moreover give the figure to the result and to the concaluions. In fact the sounds are agencies in tension but hard or kind touch speak or existence must.
Not new has been added in the alphabet
In order to refuse or the deney of the services of the experts in language it will be clearly an unjust one. They have made a lot of reseach for the languages. In so far as they have tried to even try an aspect of the simle. We can find that they reserve on the methalogy and ideology of languages. Many books are available in the market on the gramer and the dizione of language. Not only this we can find many books on the reseach of the family of languages. The incomparable dictionaries are moreover available in the market. In spite of all this, this field is still uncomplete and no satisfying.
Expression has need of the words and the words are constructed from the sounds. In so far as the experts in language have not made nothing. It seems that they do not have much interest in this field. They have not made the change in alphabet of languages. The old alphabet is still in use for the pupose of writing. Not new (sound) has been added in the alphabet or in the (helping) compound sounds.
The producers are limited in order to write with these the alpabet.
No doubt this is not an easy field but it is a lot important and much sensative for the experession wide. All side of this fact, the life and the body of languages depends from the sounds. This fact cannot be refused that all the writings are living annotation of their speaking persons but don' t forgets this fact that all the writings are for the people who speak the languages.
If you have serious interest in the language you must try thus to the books of understanding like the language speaking about people. The talks of Streat have always to have a difference from the language of the book. Many sounds have free existence in the streat but cannot find in the writings. Here I want to demonstrate this declaration with some examples from the language speaking about streats Gurmakhi/Punjabi in fashion to be able to become my clear point of view.
use of بھ Rather than the bho, the sound of Poh is in the uses of the streat. Bho is only founded in the writigs but in the talks of streat the Poh it is a lot comman and much usual one.
• In bhonka of the condition of speaking writing but in pohnka determined times it is transformed in pounka
• In bhola of writing speaking but in pohla
• In bhaka of speaking writing but in pahka
use of جھ Examples:
• In jhola of writing but in speaking cohla/chohla
• In jhotha of writing but in speaking cuhtha/chuhtha
• In jhaka of writing but in the speaking cahka/chahka
• In jhagra of writing but in cahgra of speaking

For or ب ھ that جھ we can feel six or more then six sounds in the streat:
Bh ب ھ: pah, phah, poun
Jh جھ: cah, chah, cuh
These six sounds have completely existence in the streat and people are speaking them frequently but these sounds do not have written annotation. The same circumstance is with other languages of the world.

The pronounciation problem

The experts in language often but the teachers of languages force always to the students of languages for of right and neighbor originates them to pronounces been born them. It is a good thing and the words would have to be said second right and like been born it pronounces here them originates them. My point of view is this that is completely impossible to speak about right originates them and appreciate the native one. Even the persons who live in the same house of the members of family, cannot speak a single phrase in the same sense and in the same one pronounces. It has many reasons:
1. They must have different society.
2. Instructd not equal.
3. The schools different must have the formation and to read different object and cources different.
4. Perhaps someone of not instructd.
5. They must not have the same size and same type speaking organs.
6. Their similar and aversion would not have same.
7. Their preference would have to be different.
8. They must have garammer different.
9. Different moods and attitudes.
10. Their perhaps different program and pains of entertainment from each an other.
Like these, many causes are found in their taken sense of and of it pronounces. While the members of a family that does not have same pronounces. As it could be the same one aspected it pronounces and it originates them from streatmen!
Never deney for the value and the need it originates them or like pronciation been born them. Streat has relative the own preferences of references, cultivation, to atmosphare, virities and needs of the social. Streatman, who is instructd or does not have formation lowland but he has expeience of life, cannot folow the fixed rules of language in that his speaks.
A streatman:
1. He can add the sounds in his words to speak.
2. He can fall the sounds his words to speak.
3. He can render pural on his like or according to his knoweldge.
4. Own garammer for the production can use its of the sort.
5. The sounds of Streat can be a wall for his just one pronounce.
6. The sounds of Subtitute can be used in his talk.
7. He must have speaking organs different.
A student of languages is a lot different from a person speaking about language mother. As an example:
• In the splendor of Mivati shein (Sh) is not in the relative alphabet for this reason, like mivati can say the shift. He will pronounce sure it sift.
• In English, the ٹ ڈ ڑ ع of the sounds of Urdu are not in the relative alphabet, like can prononced these sounds!
• An Arab cannot pronounce the پ چ ٹ ڈ ڑ ژ گ. If a function teacher of languages of Urdu from its Arabic student originates them and from the pronouce been born them of these sounds, surly it will never happen. Of right, he originates them and as native pronounces demond many things.
A teacher of the languge would have to be awear that one:
• Language mother of his student.
• His gradice and aversion.
• His style and sense of conversation.
• he must have awearness of the sounds of the subtitute against no sounds avaiable for no speaking persons been born them.
As an example in پ Arabic the sound it is not in the relative alphabet. Teacher of languages must know that the ب it is the turned out sound of the subtitute of پ
• He originates them or of right or as he pronounces been born them it is the impossible matter also from an aborigine. He does not laugh thus never of that he is to speak difeerent from originates them or give of right or as he pronounces been born them. The basic thing is understanding if understood its talk, it is enough for you.
• A teacher of languages must have sounds of the subtitute of awearness of the language mother of its student. Otherwise he has not right to teach to the language.
• Teacher of languages must use the different methods for no students learning born them.

A languge teacher can make a lot for the human society

The reading, the writing and to speak are different abilities. A person perhaps a good speaker or a good debator but not good producer or reader. As this a good reader cannot demonstrate a good producer. To the time if a man has all these abilities are not possible cases but some rare perhaps views in the society. The second thing is this that a man does not study that a speaker or a producer. He studies in order to earn the knowledge.
Some graduated have an interest in the writing or demonstrate the investigator of themselve. As this little well-educated persons become political and must speech on the phase in order to obtain the ballots or the favor from people. Otherwise the majority instructd they go to the different fields or they join the offies.
Here different persons of the streat must communicate and of conversations of the livings different. Perhaps or an average person is well to the producer or the investigator and or half become speaker that remaing on the contrary they have made the intense activities different. The relative one half that it speaks ability is a lot comman.
When a beginning teacher of languages its job he would have in the first instance to judge its student who learns attitude of the behavair and to study humor. It has moreover to judge its student if he has an ability for the search producer a speaker or a debator. It would have to make its job on these bases will not on the contrary obtain that the sucesses in its job. His students will not obtain the success gilded in their life. For these perpose he would have to adopt many methods. If a teacher of languages obtains the subject of the sucess that he demonstrates identification of his student will be sure a large one assists for the human society.
Without a doubt that a teacher of the languge can make a lot for the human society. When its students enter in the society they will have ability of their choice. After an all teacher of languages it must second supply knoweldge to its students their attitudes. In effects the language is for the conversation.
Every graduated must pass with many interviews for a job. If he fail to convece the persons inerviewing it remains without job. In the conversation mainly four things are considered impotent:
1 Knoweldge approximately relative talk
2 Sense of conversation
3 Language of conversation
4 Confidence the relative glade
All the talks and conversations are must gone in the streat or the different markets. The relative means a teacher of languages must thus have streat like the knoweldge of language of the market. Otherwise its not useful production for the society.
The candidates of PhD or Mphil hundred or have met me in the different periods. They have had good result in their job of the cource as also he has had a priority pleasant educational lowland. I have seen the confidence of wonderful conversation and covencing in the candidates of Mphil or PhD. Also colleced the relative material of the good ones remarkabe. But they have had writing ability scoe was nil. In this phase seriously I have thought and had turned out that the PhD or Mphil or other candidates of search degrees must be uniforms in two parts:
1- Those candidates who have writing ability would have to introduce their research work to the facalties relative.
2- Those even medium candidates who are not good in the writing that would have also to search on their subjects but must evolated through the various way.
Task that facalties of languages moreover be is uniforms in two parts, those who elovate the writing production while that second one must judge ability speaking in the candiates about the reseach. Sure that second has been also able to supply to bandle of acquaintance to their students with their talks and conversations of the lecturers their students. Their students must demonstrate persons sucessful to be human socoiety. They will make a bussiness of the pastella in the life market.

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