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07-30-2009, 11:08 AM
As you read this, there are a number of young Muslims, who've been accepted to study for post-graduate qualifications at Universities from Oxford to Princeton. However, being born into modest families they simply cannot afford to continue their studies. Year after year many young Muslims suffer the same fate; the fate of not realising their God-given potential. All this aggregated across our community has meant we have fallen far behind the heights our community once experienced.

From this year forward, we want to make sure that the Muslim Community is there for these young students who have so much to offer. The Muslim Community Fund is working hard on launching and developing programs that will, bi-idhnillah, better the educational attainment of young Muslims.

Support our work so that we can, as a community, provide exceptional resources to our young people; to further their understanding, broaden their horizons, and better our world. Donate now.

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