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08-15-2009, 12:55 AM
I really dont understand this and iam confused. Islam says you can marry a christian wife or a jewish wife. is it ok if the christian wife or the jewish wife does not wear the hijab ? and how about the kids, how about the wife wants to raise them in a christian way or a jewish way. today i was picking my 3 year old dauter from day care she was wearing a short skirt, i never had this feeling but today i felt like covering her legs. I believe when it comes to different faiths there is always conflicts in the family. I also want my wife to wear the hijab and i know she will just leave me if i say that.

I never told my wife about my new faith but how do you deal with issues like that. I think in cases like this it is better to separate or divorce. it is so complicated :exhausted.

How does a new convert like me deals with issues like this :omg:

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cat eyes
08-15-2009, 02:02 PM
yeah you can marry a woman from any type of religion but in the holy Qur'an our creator don't encourage muslims to do so... Allah says its better that you marry the believing slave woman if you know better because alot of problems such as you have mentioned arise from being married to a non muslim.. but some muslims do anyway, the ones who don't really practise and who don't remember Allah everyday.

you are right to feel that way, if you have any daughters, they should be covered properly. what age is she?:statisfie

have you told your wife you are interested in islam? why don't you show her some vids from youtube?

when your wife inshallaah will start learning about islam, its not must that she should wear the hijab, even after she reverts inshallaah if shes only learning the things she don't have to wear hijab if shes not comfortable.. slowly slowly she will do when the love for Allah grows, it takes time:statisfie

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