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08-20-2009, 05:42 AM
Truly Allah swt knows our true intentions.
I'll keep this post anon for I am a private person, but want to share something important, that is of sincerity in your du'a!
I have faith it is unquestionable.. God is undeniable! but I have always left it at the 'naturalist' bay, not that I mean that Allah is negligent (na'oothbillah), but that what Allah has given is more than sufficient.. why believe only upon seeing fairies and leprechauns when butterflies and humming birds should suffice you? All you need of sustenance in any form is granted you, there is no point to asking for more. What you get is what your hands offer......... which in that respect is not entirely untrue but not so for showing gratitutde and requesting more!...

There really is a 'magical world' out there; where signs are given and du'a is answered and the du'a of a brother to his brother (and by so I mean the umma) is heard...Don't neglect these signs even if it is you that asks for them and please let me clarify...

I was given three consecutive signs by Allah swt in the forms of dreams, for a desperate situation that I needed resolved if for nothing else for my peace of mind.

I ignored the comfort Allah swt bestowed upon me in dreams and lived a few weeks of a private hell..

Then lastly I asked that Allah swt give me a sign in two forms so that I'd believe that he has granted my du'a in due time, and what I asked that if I make prayer at the third of the night, that he puts me fast asleep and wake me exactly at fajr without the use of any alarms or family.
after making prayer I retired to my bed, I feel fast asleep and then awakened nine minutes after fajr (a salat I conveniently forget to whenever I awaken on regular days)

Again, when I woke up at fajr to make salat I was skeptical (maybe I am just sleepless with worry, I thought).. sob7an Allah, why do we do this? Then after a wretched day of self induced misery, I got the answer I wanted!..

Don't forget that faith equals trust in Allah swt..
You can distinguish to your ownself when you treat Allah swt like a wish granting genie with a heart semi ungrateful retorting, 'Have I not suffered enough oh God' why won't you help me? to when you couple your hard work with sincere du'a.. I say because I was there.. nurture your work with faith.. for without it, we are empty and meaningless shells that roam the earth, unhappy with life, fearful of death and detesting the interm!
All that is Good is from Allah swt, and all that is bad, we have brought upon ourselves..

Alhmdlillah for his endless blessings and Ramadan Mubarak insha'Allah


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- IqRa -
08-20-2009, 08:16 AM
Jazaak Allaah Khayr for this beautiful reminder.

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