View Full Version : Fajir Poem to help us get going in the morning for Ramadan!!!

08-21-2009, 06:51 PM
Satan whispered in my ear today as he often does,

he told me "just stay in bed and let the alarm clock buzz,

the covers are warm while the air is cold."

But I refused and stood up bold.

As I walked toward the bathroom with my eyes squinting,

He said "Go back to bed, who care's for prayers and repenting?"

Bismillah, in the name of Allah I turn the water on,

Making wadu, I think of the reward of praying Fajr before dawn.

Knot number two is now untied,

Satan is losing his strength and pride,

he is whispering again with his last attempt,

"I will see you in my hell, you will not be exempt.

You have sinned and your prayers will not save you.

For, your good deeds are far too few."

I interrupted him, lovingly reciting, Bismillah akrakman naraheem,

In the name of Allah the most gracious, most merciful, most supreme

Al Fatiha, a surah, Ruk'u and then Qauma, Sudjood to show full submission,

Rise and thank, Sudjood again and do over with no omission,

sitting on my ankles to recite At-tashahhud with a humble and open soul,

With tears in my eyes I am submitting fully to Allah's control.

Back on my ankles to ask Allah for blessings on his Prophet and on us,

As Salaam 'alaikum wa rahmatulaah to my right then left, ahhh success.

Three knots now untied,

Inshallah, from Jannah I will not be denied.

Written by Heather Spaulding Admin of http://www.MuslimahCommunity.com

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