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08-21-2009, 08:47 PM

It is often said that there are no truly Muslim countries on Earth today. A country may have a majority Muslim population, but no country fully implements shariah in the correct way, and there is certainly no Khilafah at the current time.

I got the idea for this thread from a post by AntiKarateKid (who I am growing to like more and more these days) on the MisConceptions of the Evil America thread:

Originally Posted by AntiKarateKid
I think a thread entitled "misconceptions of so called Muslim countries" would be cool too. The government of Saudi Arabia has done things just as vile as America ever did, from torturing innocents to letting historical areas of Islam fall into disrepair while they squander money and interfere with their neighbors.

I know it's trendy to bash America (I'm fond doing so too) for it's glaring faults but let's start bashing the so called Muslim governments for their incompetence in living up to the Islamic ideal.
Since I don't think anyone has started such a thread, here it is.

In what ways do present-day "Islamic" countries fail to meet the criteria for good Islamic governance?

What is the best way to let everyone know that these countries are not implementing Islam correctly?

Given the various false interpretations of Islam that exist at all levels, what is the best way to unite and bring about Khilafah?


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08-21-2009, 09:06 PM
First Muslims need to get educated about their own religion and some Muslims should stop trying to create sects about Islam. Many Muslims still do not understand the basic principles of Islam nor do they put it into practice. Creating more sects is dividing the Ummah. Muslims should be able to distinguish between culture and religion and not to mix them for their own purposes.

Second Muslims should examine past mistakes of Muslim countries governed by Shariah law. Learn what mistakes those countries made, set up precautions and ensure it does not happen again.

Third if Muslims are educated about their religion and behave like Muslims, they are able to examine problems existing in Muslim countries. Once the problems have been recognised we can develop a Muslim state and establish a Khilafah.

The chance of this taking place is unfortunately zero looking at the activities taking place in Muslim countries and how some Muslims behave. I will explain the mistakes Islamic states have made later...

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