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Islamic Weekend School - London Hifz Academy


Children’s Quran Class & Islamic Studies

Children from the age of 5 – 15 welcome (Subject to assessment)

Venue & Time

Stepney - Lifra Hall, Halley Street E14 7SS

• 09.00 am – 12.00 pm Weekends

Whitechapel - Unit 114 Cavell St E1 2JA

• 09.30 am – 12.45 pm Weekends (Morning session)
• 01.15 pm – 04.30 pm Weekends (Afternoon session)
• 04.30 pm – 07.30 pm Weekends (Evening Session)

Course Prospectus and Policy Guidance


London Hifz Academy Islamic weekend School has been established in Oct 2007 to improve the quality of basic Islamic education provision within the Muslim Community of East London and surrounding areas.

Small class sizes

We currently have 22 active classes. In each class we have a maximum of 10 students in the level 1 classes (ahsanul Qaida) and a maximum of 12 students in the Hifz classes. In total approximately 250 students are studying with us at the weekend school.

We believe small class sizes are critical to ensure that adequate time can be given to individual students' needs.

To ensure that they receive ample and efficient instruction, students are assigned to a class based on their individual needs and their prior experience.


The objective of the course is to introduce pupils to the teachings of Islam that will enable students to protect their Islamic identity, to practice Islam in its correct form and ensure Islam is central to their lives both as children today and adults in the future. Insha Allah.

As a minimum benchmark, they will be able to offer their daily prayers, recite the Qur’an with Tajweed, memorise various Surahs and Masnoon duas as well as having an understanding of the five basic pillars of Islam.

Structured Programme

The Islamic Weekend School programme constitutes a structured programme taking children from the age of 5 - 15 and offers a comprehensive curriculum that teaches those branches of Islamic knowledge necessary for the fulfilment of a Muslim’s daily obligations and, inshallah, develop a love for the sunnah.

To achieve this, we intend to deliver this syllabus in an environment where children are motivated to learn by providing a stimulating, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Our commitment to our students

• Female teaching staff for children under 12
• Small classes – A teacher for every 10 children in Qaida classes
• Modern classroom setting and teaching methods
• Develop good character and conduct insha Allah
• Learn to recite the Qur'an with excellent Tajweed
• No compromise on quality reading for the sake of completing the Qur’an.

Our commitment to parents

• Provide a safe and secure environment for your children
• All our staff have verified CRB’s
• Be engaged and informed about your child's learning and progress
• Receive a written progress report every 4 weeks
• Receive a Homework record book for weekly update
• Discuss student progress every 6 months with class teacher
• Receive Homework support (Homework CD, reading list and guidance)

Our teachers are

• English Speaking
• Experienced
• Trained & Qualified

Our classes are

• Structured by our trustees who are all huffaz and educated in the UK
• Monitored constantly by our Quality Control Officers
• Annual exams are held externally by local scholars and Imams

Syllabus Structure

Each Level takes approximately 1 year to complete

Level 1

• Complete the Ahsanul Qawaid & the Noorani Qaida
• children able to read Qur’anic text and gain fluency with practice.
• Tajweed Level 1 (correct pronunciation of the letters and mudd)
• LHA Dua Book 1
• Islamic studies - The Dar-us-Salam Series by Maulvi Abdul Aziz Book 1

Level 2

• Know how to pray – Book of Salah
• Memorise at least half of Juz Amma
• Read the whole of Juz Amma fluently.
• Certified Tajweed Level 2 (Wajib Gunna, Ikhfa, Idgham)
• LHA Dua Book 2
• Islamic studies - The Dar-us-Salam Series by Maulvi Abdul Aziz Book 2

Level 3

• Memorise Juz Amma completely
• Memorise Surah Ya Seen, Ar Rahman, Waa qia & Mulk,
• Read the Qur'an fluently (Juz 1 – 3)
• Certified Tajweed Level 3 (LHA Tajweed Book 1)
• LHA Dua Book 3 (Duas from the Qur’an)
• Islamic studies - The Dar-us-Salam Series Book 3 & 4
• Children Book of Salah – Ghulam Sarwar
• Fiqh of fasting – detailed

Level 4

• Memorise Surah Baqarah
• Read the Qur'an fluently (Juz 4 – 10)
• Certified Tajweed Level 4 (LHA Tajweed Book 2)
• Husnul Muslim – Dua Book
• Introduction to Quranic Arabic
• Islamic studies - The Dar-us-Salam Series Book 5 & 6

Level 5

• Admission to our Evening Hifz Class to memorise the whole Qur’an


To register, please contact us immediately and make an appointment.

Hurry as places are limited.

Fees: 12.50 per weekend (6 hours tuition) & £35.00 Admission fee

T 0207 247 0072 (Answering machine)
M 07904 258 264 (Sister Husna – General Enquiries)
M 07940 599 726 (Brother Noman – Admission Appointment)
W www.lhaonline.co.uk
E hifzacademy@hotmail.co.uk

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