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maqsood hasni
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Six Qualifications Are Required For A Language

There are six different capacities/qualifications are required about awearness of a language. If a person apply even one of them he should be considered litrate in that language. For example a man who lives in France but his ground is Japan. There language of streat and office is franch. He will think in the Japanese but he owes to express if writing or speaking, in Franch.
The office language of the Slavic grounds of the world is an English. One must think in official sectors in his native or fatherland language but he is bound to write in an English. Its means that the first and impotent stage/element regarding the litracy in a language is thinking. The linguistic effects of fatherland language can be felt in his English writings. This fact cannot to be rejected at any stage, even a person who spent his 25 years in the second ground but this man should be think in his fatherland language.
Thinking demands:
• Man spirit should be able of the creavity.

• Must have right or wrong concepts about house, streat, Scoiety and work and businesses
routine of the world.

• Experiment of the life.

• Manutely which examining the things, behavior and attitudes; men, situations, atmosphare,
seasons, nature, nature of creations and others then needs and constracts to be human being.

• Study or have a bond spirit with the universe.

• Personal point of view about the people, things and businesses of his living rooms.

The understanding is an importent aspect and also has need of many elements. For an examples:
a. Knoweldge of streat word meanings

b. Knoweldge of the meanings already in the uses

c. Man must obtain the meaning of the words that according to his own living way and style of life

d. Man makes the meanings of the words that according to his personal awearness and knoweldge of transactions of the society.

e. Man has his own taste of language as well as likeness and dislikenes.

f. Man makes the meanings of the terms that according to his living set up point of view
and need.
g. Store of words
In talking all or some directions must be in rule. To speak the better clear and impressive conversation has needed many things. As example it requires:
• Knoweldge of the language of conversation.
• The speaking organs should be in order.
• Helping speaking organs ie lungs should be in order.
• Knoweldge of tone of speaking language.
• Knoweldge of behind and hiden tones of the alphabet.
• Strong knoweldge of new words of manufacture.
• The speaker shold have enough knoweldge to build new words.
• Knoweldge of the tonalities of the streat words.
• Knoweldge of the tonalities of the words other then in service in the text books.
• Knoweldge of ajduestment of words in an expression.
• The speaker should have abilty by making new words.
• The peaker should have his own point of view about the happenings and of the
transactions of the things.
• The speaker should have enough abilty in repling.
• Speaker must has his own point of view about hapinings and the transactions of things.
The tonality and the model of speaking become in existence below 18 points:
a. Attitude of Pesonal
b. Personal needs
c. Personal Knoweldge of language
d. Subject
e. Circumstances
f. Situations
g. Needs for public demonds and desires
h. Personal and public interests
i. Practical of speaking
j. Economic position
k. Social status
l. Common affairs
m. Thought and behavior about reactionality of the people
n. Self-confidence
o. Desire of expression
p. Mood
q. Place of site
r. Seasons’ affacts
Writing is a sensative serious and responsible job in the human life. It has needed much basic and helping requirements. For examples:
a. Knoweldge of streat expresses significances
b. Knoweldge of the significances under there of the uses
c. Man must obtain the significance of the words which according to his own alive manner and
the model of life
d. Man makes the significances of the words which according to his awearness and knoweldge
F. Man has his own taste of language as well as the likeness and the dislikenes.
e. Man makes the significances of the limits which according to his alive point of view and the need.
f. Stock of words
At the time of talking, above cited elements never leave a freehand to the speaker.
The reading is a question of personal interest likeness and dislikeness. A person often likes to read the writings of his own choice and interest. Knoweldge of the readings improve by this element. This knoweldge is absolutely different from the knoweldge of speaking and writing. The reader makes significances of the words according to his model alive interest and experiment. Those writings which are not included in his interest, sure there the part in his spirit and confidence to return will not have there the good ones or false significances.
Writing is very an exit sensative responsible serious and dificult job for an author. He must write under so many boundations and limitations. For example
a. Author must build the words with accordence to the linguistica rules
b. He must be employed the letters of the text book (alphabet) in his writings
c. He cannot employ those sounds which are hiden behind the alphabet
d. Where he thinks a certain thing will be worng or bad produced with him there he use the words
in the manner of symbolic system
e. He can apply a method which obtains the double quantity some or much of significances of the words.
f. He can use the words in various forms for the particular direction for the manufacture of the same
g. By having experience he can have to gain his own way of model and direction of writing.
h. If he writes in other lipi (alphabet/transcript) he will try to transport the words according to their
original sounds.
Which sounds are not avilable in that lipi there the sounds of susbtitute will be preferred.
For this qualification please see these sampals:
a. better will be written baitar
b. The social one will be obtain the form soshal
c. The boch will have the equipped bokh
d. The kamisan will be written khamisan.
e. The situation will have its form sichuaishan.
f. The پہل will be in the بھل written of form
g. The الپھ will be changed in to الف
h. The پھی کا will obtain the پہکا shape
i. Identify by the ت and ڑ are not found in English alphabet. In English t and r/d are available
as replacement sounds.
j. In the German language ch is employed for khay (خ) ie Munich (Munikh), Boch (bokh), but ch is
not in common use for khay (خ) in the other languages thus this sound will be taken khay (kh) differently.
l. Malaysia (Malayshia), in this word si provides sh (ش), si is nonusable for sheen (ش), thus this sound will
be taken of sh. Here in malaysia it is سی read as in six.
m. In the word this th (i) produced the د but th is not common for the د thus for the sound د D will be used
like a sound of replacement.
n. In ox, taxi, maximum, oxygen and proxy, x provides two sounds kaaf (k, ch - ک) and seen (s, c - س).
These words will be writen in the other lipis according to there sounds system. For example
Oks (ox), taksi (taxi), maksimum (maximum), oksigen (oxygen), proksi (proxy). Whereas it is not
adopts ususal attitude.
o. پ ٹ چ ڈ ڑژ sounds are not found in Arabic but substitute sounds ب ت ج د ر ج ی can be used for
carry on the language necessary function.

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