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11-18-2009, 11:29 PM

Gordon Brown has put economic recovery at the heart of his final set of plans before the next general election.

Key measures in the Queen's Speech include a crackdown on excesses in the City and a legal obligation to halve the budget deficit within four years.

Mr Brown told the Commons Labour was the "only party with the policies to build a long-term recovery".

Tory leader David Cameron said Labour had run out of "money, time and ideas" and called for an immediate election.

In a foretaste of the sort of arguments likely to be seen during an election campaign, Mr Brown said the Conservatives had been "wrong on every single issue we have faced in economic policy this year".

And he hit back at Mr Cameron's claims that he had used the Queen's Speech to set out "fake dividing lines" to trap the opposition ahead of a general election, which must happen by June at the latest.
So, Labour and the Tories have begun the countdown to a general election. With Mr Brown stuggling from personal public distaste and the Tories essentially saying whatever they like about every decision the Government makes in order to try and make some sort of political argument, it looks set to be an interesting one. The Liberal Democrats also hope to make a mark at the election, as to the unrealistic and thanfully unpopular SNP, a Scottish party who for some reason believe their only policy of Scottish autonomy has some sort of place in a UK election. I personally hope the Tories don't get into office, Labour have done whatever thay can so far in handling the economic crisis. Oh, and the two parties have very similar policies.

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11-19-2009, 09:46 AM


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