View Full Version : Advice: How to avoid fire burns?

12-07-2009, 07:55 AM

I am not talking about this world but afterdeath when ppl who did zina (illegal sexual intercourse) will be burnt in ovens. we may call it premarital relations, bf/gf, fun but still it will be illegal sexual relations.

Prophet :saws: says: "We walked until we came to something that looked like an oven. Its top section was narrow and the inside was broad. From it sounds of screaming and noise was heard. We looked inside and we saw naked men and women. We also saw flames from beneath them. When these flames scorched them, they screamed." I asked Jibra’îl (as): "Who are these people?" He replied, "These are the males and females who committed the grave act of zina. This will be their punishment till the day of Qiyâmat." (Bukhari)

shaitan tricks:

1.everybodys doing it -NO! millions of young muslims are not doing it due to fear of Allah.

2. repent later - who know we may die while in this act.

Imagine Allah taking back out health, job, due to doing zina. Imagine our family members coming to know about this act of ours.

O Allaah, we ask You to show us Your mercy and to protect us from immorality; we ask You to purify our hearts and to keep our private parts chaste, and to place a barrier between us and what is haraam.

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