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12-20-2009, 06:44 PM

3 Day Intensive Fiqh and Tajweed Course

The Prophet (SAW) said “Whoever Allah wishes good for, He bestows upon him sound understanding of the deen (religion)” [Bukhari & Muslim]

Saturday 26th to Monday 28th December 2009

10.00am - 5pm

-Introduction to Fiqh, Hanafi Fiqh
-Fiqh of Taharah (Purity): Water, Istinja, Wudhu, Ghusl, Tayyamum
-Fiqh of Salah (Prayer): Performance and Common Mistakes of the Prayer, Pre-requisites, Units, Actions of the Prayer, What validates and Invalidates Salah, Adhan and Duas

Tajweed Level 1 and 2 (Rules only)
-Introduction and importance of Tajweed
-Makharij al Huroof (Articulation points of letters)
-Noon Sakina & Tanwin Rules
-Meem Sakina Rules
-Rules of Madd

Stratford, East London, E15
(5 minutes from Plaistow and Stratford Station)

Fiqh Instructor

Ustadha is an Arabic and English graduate. She is a PGCE qualified teacher with both QTS and CELTA teaching qualifications.She has studied Arabic, Tajwid, Fiqh and Aqeeda in the Middle East. She has also studied Islamic Sciences from Shaykh Ali Hani, Shaykh Samir An-Nass, Ustadha Um Sahl, Ustadha Hedaya Hartford and Ustadh Amienullah. Her studies include Al-Ajrumiyyah, I'rab, Sarf and other Arabic literature. She also has Ijazah in the text of Al-Jazariyyah and the Qira’ah of the Qur’an from Shaykh Al-Kurdi of Damascus.She has pursued an MA in Islamic Studies (Arabic Translation) from SOAS. Ustadha Um Muhammad has been teaching the Arabic language during the past five to six years and has been writing material to enable students to learn effectively. She continues to attend Arabic, Tajwid and Tafseer courses with Shaykh Akram Nadwi, Shaykh Hasan Ali, Maulana Shams Ad-Duha and Maulana Hafiz Gulfraz. She is currently an Arabic, Tajwid and Calligraphy teacher at the Habiba Institute.

Tajwid Instructor

Ustadha is qualified with a Bachelor of Education (Bed) with QTS and CELTA. She has a Diploma in Arabic Language from the Shariah Institute in France (IESH) and has studied Arabic with Ustadh Muhammad (PhD in Arabic Pedagogy). She received Ijazah in the renowned Tajwid text Al-Jazariyyah from Shaykh Ayman Suwaid of the Arabian Peninsula and the Qira’ah of the Qur’an from Shaykh Al-Kurdi of Damascus and has Ijazah for Nur al-Idah from female scholars in Syria. After a period of study in the Middle East she continued studying Hadith, Qira’ah and Mustalah with scholars such as Shaykh Akram Nadwi, Shaykh Samir An-Nass, Maulana Hafiz Gulfraz and Shaykh Abd Al-Qadir, her father.

ONLY £95 (£55 for fiqh or tajwid course only)


*Learn in a comfortable, relaxed women only environment
*Expect high quality teaching from qualified and experienced female teachers *Course materials provided for all modules.
*Certificates awarded and approved by Habiba Institute for attendance.
*Full details of venue given upon receipt of application and fee.

Pre-registration is required. Book early as there are limited places. Download and complete the application form found on www.habibainstitute.co.uk, submit by emailing it to info@habibainstitute.co.uk
Tel: 07916 009 674


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