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imam bukhari
01-02-2010, 08:54 PM
Thousands Of Football Matches Fans Abandon (Friday) Salaat

By Shaykh Mashhur Hasan Aal-Salmaan

[Taken from "The Clarified Ruling Of Mistakes Done In Salaah", Pp. 305-309]

The fans of football matches -the number of which may reach hundreds of thousands- crowd in the stadiums and when the ’Athaan calls them for Salaat, they respond not to it due to the paralysis in their minds and the blunting of their emotions, for what?! Only for being hideously fanatic to this or that team. Even the members of the same family, each cheers a team different from the other. The matter even gets worse when the supporters of the winning team make fun of the loosing one then severe fights follow immediately, the consequences of which are hundreds of casualties and deaths. The whole thing was plotted in order to busy the Islamic ’Ummah with trivials instead of being occupied with its great mission; namely fighting its enemies and solving its serious issues.

Accordingly, the ’Ummah looses its sense of pride and honour due to wasting alot of money and precious time on trivialities. Had these two factors been utilized properly, the Islamic ’Ummah would have been ahead of the developed nations in various domains.
Consequently, great values have been altered, the “hero” these days is the one who plays football professionally and hence makes a fortune (!!) not the one who sincerely defend the ’Ummah’s pride and honour. Indeed, Islaam does not agree on such unbalanced false values; in Islaam every human being receives what he deserves with no excessiveness nor negligence.

To conclude, football now has become one of the destructive hoes which our enemies are using in order to destroy the Islamic ’Ummah encouraging other nations to do the same.

The thirteenth protocol in “Protocolaat Hukamaa’ Suhyun” is a hard evidence on this. It states:

“ … and in order to keep crowds in their walking through the abys of astray, knowing nothing about the serious issues that concern them nor what should they be establishing, we are going to occupy them with trivial things, through establishing ways of fun, developing exciting games, various kinds of sports and encouraging them build great palaces and fascinating buildings, all with the help of mass media inviting crowds to sport matches, art galleries …’ etc. (1)

Dear brother, your enemies plan to lead you astray that you never see “light”. Through abandoning the Jumu‘ah Salaat, you are helping them achieve this purpose and hence a seal [be cast] on your heart that it no more receives goodness nor Allaah’s (swt) mercy touches it; consequently, it becomes impure and an absorbent of every evil. Indeed, we seek Allaah’s (swt) refuge from all this.

The apparent meaning of the aforementioned Ahaadith is that whoever does not present himself on Friday Salaat three times without having any Shar‘ excuse, his heart will be sealed and one will be of those ghaafilin and hypocrites. These three times are not necessarily successive ones, they could be separate – as some scholars held even if these three took place each in a different year; this heart will be sealed after the third time.

Ibn Abbaas’s Athar is a hard evidence for those who held that the three times should be successive ones.

It is of Allaah’s (swt) mercy to give his bondman three chances so one could repent and go back again to the straight path and attend the Jumu‘ah Salaat and never abandon it but for Shar‘ excuse.

The third hadith indicates that those who abandon the Jumu‘ah Salaat without having any Shar‘ excuse have indeed commited a great sin for which they deserve a severe punishment.

Some scholars -such as Maalik, Ahmad and Ash’-Shaafi‘i in the latest of his opinions- held that those who abandon the Jumu‘ah Salaat without any Shar‘ excuse -such as football players and their cheerers- may not perform Thuhr Salaat before the Imaam performs his Salaat; they should haste to catch even a part of it with the Imaam for it is an obligation on them. In case they missed it, they should perform Thuhr Salaat after the Imaam finishes his(2). Ibn Mas‘ud’s Athar supports this view. He (ra) said:

“Whoever misses the two Rak‘ahs [of Jumu‘ah Salaat] should perform four Rak‘ahs instead”.(3)

Whoever does not present himself on the Jumu‘ah Salaat without having any Shar‘ excuse, should perform Thuhr Salaat and give away a Dinar or half a Dinar in charity. [The Dinar: a gold coin that weighs approximately 4.25 grams of fine gold].

Samurah Ibn Jundub related that the Prophet (saw) said: “Whoever abandons the Jumu‘ah Salaat intentionally, should give away in charity a dinar or half a dinar, in case one could not afford paying the dinar”.(4)

Some scholars held that the order in the aforementioned hadith is only a recommendation for Thuhr is a possible substitution for the Jumu‘ah Salaat.

The apparent meaning of the hadith, however, indicates that the order is an obligation -as the general principle of ’Usulul Fiqh states. Having a substitution for the Jumu‘ah Salaat does not entail that the order in the hadith is not an obligation for the ruling might be that one is obliged to perform Thuhr Salaat and pay Kaffaarah as a punishment for not attending the Jumu‘ah Salaat without any Shar‘ excuse.

May Allaah (swt) shower his mercy on Ibn Al-Ikhwah who said – regarding those who abandon the Jumu‘ah Salaat: ‘Whoever occupies himself with investing money or having fun instead of attending the Jumu‘ah Salaat should be stricken with “ ‘Umar’s staff” that makes him taste the taste of humiliation of punishment no matter how old one is or what position he occupies for, indeed, nations before you [Muslims] were destroyed because when the noble amongst them steals no punishment would be executed against him, and when the ignoble steals, punishment would be executed against him’.(5)


(1) “Brotocolāt Hukamā’ Suhyūn” (vol. 1 / p. 258, P. ‘Ajāj Nuwaihid), and for more details about the negative effects of football matches, see “Mushkilāt Ash-Shabāb Fī Daw’ Al-Islām” (p. 89) by Abdil Halīm ‘Uweis, and “Al-Hayāt Al-Ijtimā‘iyyah Fit Tafkīr Al-Islāmi” (p. 35) by Ahmad Shalabī.
It is worth mentioning here that Islām urges Muslims to practice sport individually or with others in order to build up their bodies’ strength. Football matches serves but little part of this purpose. It is even worse that some people in our Islamic countries call for applying the betting system in football matches as a way of saving some sport clubs from bankruptcy. Would such voices repent to Allāh () and go back again to the straight path.
The British sport experts have been calling for eliminating the betting systems in sports for this would help stop riots from taking place – which have become a distinctive feature of the British matches from which no match could escape. Besides, this system destroys the basic principle of sport; namely wishing the winner more success and the looser good luck.
But what really happens is the opposite; exchanging insults, showering others with stones and chairs and hitting the referees.
See: “Al-Muslimūn” magazine (issue no. 124), 30th, Shawwāl, 1407.

(2) See: “Ad-Dīnul Khālis” (vol. 4 / p. 294).

(3) Narrated by: Ibn Abī Shaibah in “Al-Musannaf” (vol. 1 / p. 126) and At-Tabarānī in
“Al-Kabīr”. The hadīth is Hasan [sound], as is mentioned in “Al-Majama‘” (vol. 2 / p. 192). There is another supporting narration in Ibn Abī Shaibah’s “Musannaf” (vol. 1 / p. 206) through an authentic chain of narrators traced back to Abdir Rahmān Ibn Abī Thu’aib who said: ‘I once accompanied Az-Zubair in a travel on Friday, he performed the Friday Salāt four Rak‘ahs’.
Al-Hassan’s opinion supports this. He held that a woman who attends the mosque on Friday should follow the Imām in his Salāt and it will suffice her. It is also related that he said: ‘Women used to perform the Jumu‘ah Salāt with the prophet () and were ordered not to go out [of their homes] with perfume applied’. This chain of narrators is authentic.
Another narration related by Al Ash‘ath traced back to Al-Hasan to have said: ‘Women amongst the Muhājirūn used to perform Jumu‘ah Salāt with Allāh’s () messenger instead of performing Thuhr Salāt’.In “Subulus Salām” (vol. 2 / p. 74), As-San‘ānī stated that ‘if one misses the Jumu‘ah Salāt, one should perform Thuhr Salāt instead as All ‘Ulamah agreed’. Then he said: ‘I dealt with this issue in more details in a separate treatise’. See also: “Al-Ajwibah An-Nāfi‘ah” (pp. 47-8), “Al-Maw‘ithahl Hasanah” (pp. 17-8), “Masā’il Ibn Hāni‘” for Imām Ahmad (no. 441 and no. 462), “Tamāmul Minnah” (p. 40) and “Al-Fatāwā” by Abdil ‘Aziz Ibn Bāz (vol. 1 / p. 67).

(4) Narrated by: Abū Dāwūd in “As-Sunnan” (no. 1053), An-Nasā’ī in “Al-Mujtabā” (vol. 3 / p. 89), Ahmad in “Al-Musnad” (vol. 5 / pp. 8, 14), Ibn Hibbān (no. 582) and Al-Hakīm in “Al-Mustdarak” (vol. 1 / p. 286) traced back to Qudāmah Ibn Wabrah to have narrated it from Samurah.
Ahmad said about Qudāmah Ibn Wabrah that he is an unidentified narrator, while Ibn Ma‘īn decided that he is a Thiqah [trusted]. Al-Bukhārī said that he never [Ibn Wabrah] met Samurah.
On the other hand, Qudāmah was not the only one to narrate it from Samurah, Al- Hasan narrated the hadīth tracing it back from another narrator -as Ibn Mājah mentioned in “As-Sunnan” (no. 1128).
Ibn Hibbān and Al-Hākim considered the hadīth as authentic on which Al-Thahabī agreed.

(5) “Ma‘ālim Al-Qurbah Fī Ahkāmil Hisbah” (p. 265).

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01-02-2010, 08:57 PM
why dont people do football matches in the morning? there are lots of hours between fajr and dhuhr..

imam bukhari
01-03-2010, 04:08 PM
assalaamu 'alaykum,

i seriously dont know how guys can watch football..... so boring!

01-04-2010, 03:36 PM
Many football matches fans abandon Salah Ashar, Salah Maghreeb and Salah Isha. But abandon Salah Juma'ah ???

Even in the non-Muslim countries, noon is not the right time for football match.

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01-04-2010, 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by imam bukhari
assalaamu 'alaykum,

i seriously dont know how guys can watch football..... so boring!
I'd have to agree with this, and I'm rather sporty. Playing it in itself is rather dull, but sitting for 90 odd minutes watching men kicked a ball around a patch of grass... too boring.

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