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01-06-2010, 08:00 PM
A Case Study taken from the course taught in Birmingham...

Sana studied Islamic studies at one of the western universities. When the situation regarding Professor Amina Wadud leading her congregation came out, she remarked:
“Hooray! Thanks to Allah we finally have some courage to do what’s right! Imam Tabari used to allow women to lead men, so what’s so wrong with Prof. Amina then?!” Aishah over heard Sana and remarked to her: “But the scholars had ijma that its not allowed.”

At that point Sana snapped and replied to her:
“But there is no ijma on ijma so you can’t use Ijma as proof! Plus you can’t possibly accept Ijma when Imam Tabari had an opposing view. How can there be Ijma in the presence of valid opposing views from other scholars?”

What are YOUR thoughts??

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