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02-24-2010, 09:40 PM
The Sahabah's Attitude towards Innovations

An outstanding characteristic of the Sahabah is their absolute adherence to the Sunnah of the Prophet, salla Allaahu Alaihe wa sallam, and their absolute disaproval of Bid`ah (innovation). Some Sahabah narrated the following story:

We used to sit in front of Abdullah ibn Masoud's house before the Fajr prayer waiting to go with him to the Masjid. Abou Mousa al-Ash`aarie came and asked us:

'Did Abu Abdurrahman (i.e. Ibn Masoud) leave yet?'

We answered: 'No.'

So Abou Mousa Al-Ash`aarie sat with us waiting for him. When he came out, we all stood up. Abou Mousa told him:

"Oh, Abu Abdurrahman! I recently saw something in the Masjid which I did not approve."

Ibn Masoud then asked: "What was it?"

Abou Mousa said: "You will see it if you stay alive..In the Masjid, I saw a group of people sitting in circles waiting for the Salat. Each circle is led by a person. And every person in these circles carries small stones.

The leader of a circle would say: 'Say 'Allah-u Akbar' a hundred times,' they will say Allah-u Akbar a hundred times; then he says 'Say 'La ilaha Illa Allah', a hundred times" they will say La ilaha ill Allah a hundred times; he they says: 'Say 'Subhan Allah', a hundred times, they will say Subhana Allah a hundred times.

Then Ibn Masoud said: "What did you tell them?"

He said: 'I didn't say anything, I wanted to wait for your opinion."

Abdullah ibn Masoud said: "Could you not order them to count their sins, and assured them of getting their rewards."

Then Abdulah ibn Masoud went ahead and we accompanied him. As he approached one of the circles, he said: "What is this that you are doing?"

They said: "Oh! Abu Abdurrahman, these are pebbles to count the number of times we say Allah-u Akbar, La ilaha Ill Allah, and Subhana Allah."

He said: "Count your own sins, and I assure you that you are not going to lose anything of your rewards (Hasanat).. Woe unto you, people of Muhammad, how fast you will be doomed. Those are your Prophet's companions available, these are his clothes not worn out yet, and his pots are not broken yet. I swear by Whom my soul is in His Hands that you are either following a religion that is better than the Prophet's religion or you are opening a door of aberration."

They said: "We swear by Allah, oh, Abu Abdurrahman, that we had no intention other than doing good deeds."

He said: "So what? How many people wanted to do good deeds but never got to do them? The Prophet of Allah has told us about people who recited the Qur'an with no effect on them other than the Qur'an passing through their throats. I swear by Allah, I am almost sure that most of you are from that type of people."

Then he left them.

Amr Ibn Salamah said: "We saw most of the people of those circles fighting us with the Khawarij in the battle of An-Nahrawan."

- Related by Ad-Daremie and Abu Na`eim with an authentic chain.
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Brothers n sisters , whats our attitude towards Innovations , n isnt it funny that we have the exact same innovations al over the indian subcontinent n some parts of arabia as well??

Dont we see what happens on the 12th rabi al awwal in the name of mawlid an nabi ? dont we do soemthing very similar , execpt ots worst coz its naats some even full of shirk ? this was the attitude of sahaba towards zikr n remberance... isnt this wha twe do on night of al qadr in our mosques ? isnt this n more what we do on the 15th of shabaan.

may Allah protect us all n help us be from the saved sect

He sal-Allaahu 'alayhe wa sallam also said:

"Indeed, the people of the Book before you split-up into seventy-two sects. And this nation will split-up into seventy-three sects, seventy two are in the Fire and one is in Paradise."

And in another narration:

"All of them are in the Fire except one." It was asked: Who is that one? He replied: "That which I and my Companions are upon."

Lets always in in all matters relating to our deen trace back the narrations of the Prophet sala lahu alihi wa sallam n his sahaba , lets see if these mattes that we are upon were they also upon it? If not then what was not deen at that time , cannot be deen today

Assalam O Alikum

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03-05-2010, 01:36 PM
MashAllah, nice post....
i blv if u r doing some good deeds that is not approved from the life of Prophet (pbuh) and Shuhaba (RA), u must ask some AALIM is it ok or not...
to learn more about Life of Prophet (PBUH ) and Shuhaba (RA) i thinh no one book is bette than "Hayat us Shuaba"...it has urdu and arabis version but dont know about english....try to read it.

06-26-2012, 08:03 PM
As-salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu, may Allaah Azza wa Jall bless our brother for the reminder in adhering to the authentic Sunnah of our beloved Messenger Muhammad (afdalu salat wa atammu tasleem) for in it is complete guidnce and he warned us all about innovations in the religion of Islaam. Our Prophet (afdalu salat wa atammu tasleem) said, "i have not left off anything that brings you closer to Allaah except that I have commanded you to do it and I have not left anything that takes you farther away from Allaah and closer to the hellfire except that I have forbidden you from it." (collected by ibn majah authenticated by sheikh albaani[rahi,ahullah]) The Sunnah is full of authentic ahadeeth warning us from innovations. I remember reading a narration found in sharh usool al-ittiqaad lil ahlus sunnah wal jamaa'ah by imaam laalakaiyee(rahimahullah) concerning Ibn Abbaas (rahimahullah) where Ibn Abbaas(radhia Allaahu anhu) said, "Wallaahi I do not think that there is anyone on the face of the earth more beloved to shaytawn to destroy except for me! His companions asked him why? Ibn Abbaas (radhia Allaahu anhu) said, cause verily an innovation will be invented in the east or in the west and a man will carry that innovation to me and I will take that innovation and bust that innovation up and destroy that innovation with the Sunnah and send it back to shaytawn just like he pushed it out to the people." Ibn Abbaas was one of the flag bearers of the Sunnah and a destroyer of innovations. May Allaah increase us all in Imaan and love for the Sunnah and make us flagbearers of the Sunnah! Allaahumma Ameen.

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