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View Full Version : Body Scanners – Sign A Petition Asking For An Alternative

imam bukhari
03-09-2010, 02:51 PM
Body Scanners – Sign A Petition Asking For An Alternative

This is an online petition to ask for an alternative to Body Scanners (or Electronic Strip Search) at UK airports. Please sign and support the petition:

Please sign a petition against the nude-body scanners here: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Body-Scans/

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Umm Hufsah
03-10-2010, 08:19 PM

Sisters and brothers we need to support opposition of the body scanners instalments at airports which is clearly violation of human rights.

We need to let department of transport know that Muslims and considerable non-Muslims community does not approve of it. The authorities are painting a picture that general people including Muslims don't have a problem with it and every thing is absolutely fine. No one is in disapproval of it, so there is no reason to stop installing them at airports. At the moment, scanners are at trial stage soon they will be every where permanently in place for every one not just people picked randomly. Act now to do something about it.

e-mail dft general enquires



transport security:


as soon as possible.

Let them know we all care about what happens to us and will not submit to this derogatory biased treatment from them that they have come up with to humiliate us Muslims. If we remain silent now who knows what they will come up with next that is even more seriously Haram for us. A sister called dft in the beginning to complain, they mockingly told her that they have got one or two complains from Muslims and if Muslims and other people really have got problem with body scanners then there should have been thousands of calls against it. Its shameful that very few of us are trying to tell department of transport security that the despicable body scanners are unacceptable.

Government petition:

Please also support this petition:

Please sign, don't wait. It only takes a minute. You can use initials and surname if you wish to hide full name. e.g. A. Patel

Jzk wasalaam

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