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View Full Version : The Hukm is for none except Allah (swt) - Don't Vote! - Abu Yahya

abu anas somali
04-03-2010, 08:13 PM
The Hukm is for none except Allah (swt) - Don't Vote! - Abu Yahya


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04-03-2010, 08:31 PM
Early Caliphs were elected by sura. Thats why it is called election of Abu Baker (ra), election of Umar (ra), and election of .... because it is voting.

'Abd-al Latif
04-03-2010, 09:51 PM

Any Muslim who accepts another law above the of Allah has committed a great sin. It is a part of a Muslim's creed to accept Islamic Law. If he is given the choice between Islamic law and something else, the Islamic law should be his obvious choice.

But since we are not given the option to live under Islamic law and we Muslims live as a minority that populates less than half of the population in whatever western country we live in, we have no option but to choose between two evils. We can either do our best to make our voices heard, so we can be given the freedom to practise our religion without any subjugation. Or, and this is what some Muslims have chosen, we can lay down all our efforts, give up and let someone who hates Islam and Muslims take over and hope that somehow the Islamic Law will be divinely established while the ones who have been put into power put all their time and effort in suppressing us.

I don't get a positive impression from this video because I don't believe he has addressed the present issues that we Muslims face. We live in non-Muslim lands where we are not given the right to practise our religion the way it is meant to be practised. Muslims are facing problems praying at work and, in some places, sisters are finding it dangerous to observe the hijaab. So silence or ignoring this matter isn't going to get us anywhere.

Of course, voting won't really bring a change either but Muslims need to make a positive step forward for the benefit of the Muslims as a whole.

I'm sorry but I'm still not convinced about this 'Don't vote' issue. It just goes around in circles and I'm really tired of people forcing their views instead of bringing constructive arguments.

I won't delete this thread but I will close it. I can't really see it getting anywhere.


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