View Full Version : Election 2010: Lib Dem manifesto promises fairness

04-14-2010, 09:48 PM
The Liberal Democrats have set out a "four step" manifesto plan to "hardwire fairness into British society".

Leader Nick Clegg said his policies, including raising the state pension and a tax cut for low and middle earners, combined "hope and credibility".

The four main themes of the 103-page booklet are fair taxes, more chances for children, a fairer and greener economy, and cleaning up politics.

Labour and the Tories said their opponents' sums "did not add up".

Mr Clegg said it was a "tragedy" that so many people in Britain were prevented from fulfilling their potential by social and economic "bottlenecks" that his party was committed to remove.

"Our manifesto will hardwire fairness into British society," he told an audience in London. "This is not a promise. It is a plan."
I have to say, the Liberal Democrats are the only party that have impressed me so far. I especially like their policies with regard to cutting Trident and fairer taxes. They've got my vote.

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