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Imagine.. betrayal...

Imagine... betrayal...

Imagine being locked up in a prison cell, without knowing why you've been imprisoned, without knowing when you'll leave, feeling sad that you cared for the Muslims, but they in return ignored you, and betrayed you.

What you [the reader] did was betray them. How? Because you never helped them when they needed your help the most. They didn't expect that you'd release them, but they atleast expected you to write to them, simply be a brother to them, to remove their feeling of isolation.

They felt betrayed because writing a letter to them, or making their situation known isn't even illegal. So why weren't you even willing to type up a few paragraphs for them? Build up a friendship with them? Show them that you care?

You don't even have to send a letter with your own hands. You don't even have to give your full (or real) name (you can give a nickname or kunya i.e. Abu ___ or Um ___.)

All you have to do is type up a few paragraphs, and make friendship with a brother or (or incase you're a sister, with a imprisoned sister), or their families. You just need to show them you care, and be commited to them.

What we do at Global Voice for Justice (GVfJ) ?

Global Voice for Justice (GVfJ) has many dedicated members involved, we will directly send the letters for you. All you have to do; is to email your letter of a few paragraphs to us, and we will give you the imprisoned brother/sister's response.

Before you know it, you will be chatting to someone as a friend, and instead of chatting being sinful or a waste of time, you'll be doing an act of reward and charity inshaa' Allah! You'll be putting a smile on the face of another Muslim through their hardship. And don't you know that the prayer of the oppressed reaches Allah at lightning speed - a prayer which Allah will - without a doubt - answer? What if this person prays for Allah to give you goodness in this life, and the next?! A blessed life indeed.

You will be talking to the best people among mankind right now. They are a people who are going through hardship for the sake of Allah, whilst Allah has given you safety at home. By you making them happy, you are making Allah happy. By you supporting them, you are ensuring your own safety.

Tranquility (Sukoon) Descends upon you...

I know through experience that when I am sending a letter to a prisoner, Allah sends down tranquility (sukoon) and calmness upon me, which a person can only feel through experience - when doing something great for Allah's cause. This calmness is a sign of Allah's pleasure for His servants, as He says;

It is He Who sent down tranquillity into the hearts of the Believers, that they may add faith to their faith;- for to Allah belong the Forces of the heavens and the earth; and Allah is Full of Knowledge and Wisdom;-

That He may bring the believing men and the believing women into Gardens underneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide, and may remit from them their evil deeds - That, in the sight of Allah, is the supreme achievement..

[Qur'an al Fath 48: 4-5]

So if you send a letter to an oppressed Muslim, or his family, and you feel this calmness overcome you, then know that Allah may be pleased with what you've done, and that deed may be your release from the fire.

Ask yourself how much paragraphs you write in a day to other people on the internet, and then see how much good these few paragraphs - to the prisoner - bring for you in your life. These paragraphs, which aren't even illegal to write, since every prisoner has the right to recieve letters. These few paragraphs, which bring a smile to the face of your lonely brother/sister who was about to break-down. These few paragraphs which may release you from hardship when you need help the most; in this life, aswell as the hardship of the next. As Allah's Messenger said;

Allah will aid a servant so long as the servant aids his brother.. [Sahih Muslim]

It was related on the authority of Abu Hurairah, radiyallahu 'anhu, that the Prophet, sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam, said:

"Whosoever relieves from a believer some grief pertaining to this world, Allah will relieve from him some grief pertaining to the Hereafter.Whosoever alleviates the difficulties of a needy person who cannot pay his debt, Allah will alleviate his difficulties in both this world and the Hereafter. Whosoever conceals the faults of a Muslim, Allah will conceal his faults in this world and the Hereafter. Allah will aid a servant (of His) so long as the servant aids his brother.

[Sahih Muslim & in the 40 Hadith of al Nawawi]

fortyhadith.com : hadith 36

The members on - Global Voice for Justice (GVfJ) - will help you in your letter writing, we will share ideas, we will share content which you can share with the prisoners), and there are many involved so that we all can work together as an online community to give each other tips, advice and support - allowing you to express your different talents for a cause which is really worth it.

We will unite on goodness inshaa' Allah, but we need YOUR help, because we need many who are dedicated to atleast one prisoner in the letter writing campaign. We can grow as an online community and flood the prison cells with letters, surprising the oppressors who thought that the weak Muslims would never be helped, and heal the hearts of the Muslims who gave up hope in their fellow brothers & sisters in faith.

Wajib! (an Obligation!)

Remember, it is an obligation (Wajib) upon you as a Muslim to support your imprisoned brothers and sisters. It is an obligation on the Muslims to free the Muslim prisoner through any means possible, even if it takes up all the wealth of the Muslims.

If you don't write the letter, you're sinful, and sin is what brings about punishment. Shaytan tries to make the Muslims do small good deeds but avoid the big good deeds by threatening them with fear. How about defeating the shaytan by just writing to one innocent Muslim, to free him from the hardship of loneliness and sadness?

You can even remain anonymous, but please get involved and stay commited (all you have to do is write one letter every 1 or 2 weeks.)

Allah's Messenger said;

"Free the prisoner, feed the hungry, and visit the sick."

[Sahih al Bukhari #3046].

We see that he had commanded this, so it is mandatory upon the Muslims. Since we cannot release the prisoner, then we have to help them in any way possible to remove their hardship. And the greater the effort it takes (on your part), the greater the reward you will get inshaa' Allah.

"I'm sorry, I can't do anything.." but that won't save you.

Brother Babar Ahmed - who is now imprisoned - said that he was sorry to a fellow Muslim prisoner who was released.

The Algerian (now to be released) prisoner asked him; Why are you sorry?

So Babar said to him;

"When I was free, I saw your story on TV. However, it meant nothing to me, because I never thought it could happen to me. So I did nothing for you...

Now that I am in prison, and it has happened to me, there are people who heard about my story and will think nothing of it, thinking it will never happen to them. Once it happens to them, others will ignore them too, and they will be imprisoned in the future, while the previous ones are released."

But sorry is too late after imprisonment.

1 of 2 Choices.

So you have one of two options;

Either, you click the following upcoming links to find out more on how to help the innocent and oppressed Muslim prisoners, or you will soon be hunted down too, and you will either lose your faith in the process, or have no supporters when you are in most need of help. You decide.

We ask Allah to keep you, and us - firm upon the truth - in doing good for His sake - during these testing times.

Get Involved!

Befriend an Innocent Muslim Prisoner;
Adopt a Prisoner Program Global Voice for Justice

Profiles: Who do you want to Chat to?;
Prisoner Profiles Global Voice for Justice

Any Questions? Just email us at this link;

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Allah's Messenger said [meaning];

..Whoever makes things easy for those who are in difficulty, Allah will make things easy for him in this world and in the next... Allah will help the slave so long as the slave helps his brother."[Mishkaat al-Masaabeeh, 1/71, hadith no. 204.]

"I saw your story.. However, it meant nothing to me, because I never thought it could happen to me. So I did nothing for you..

..Now I am.. imprisoned."

(Babar Ahmad; may Allah release him soon.)

- GlobalVoiceforJustice.Org -
Got this via e-mail... A story from a prisoner.

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