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05-15-2010, 09:38 PM
as salaam alaykam :D

im lookin for a hadith, been looking for time now..... im not sure if its a hadiths or if its a narration

but its something where the sahaba (ra) say, when they are with RasoolAllah (saw) their imaan feels propa up there, but when they aint they feel different,

anyone...... :statisfie

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05-16-2010, 07:05 PM

Here is the Hadith you are looking for bro:

Hanzalah Al-Usayyidi (May Allah be pleased with him) who was one of the scribes of Messenger of Allah (PBUH), reported: I met Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) he said: "How are you O Hanzalah?'' I said, "Hanzalah has become a hypocrite". He said, "Far removed is Allah from every imperfection, what are you saying?'' I said, "When we are in the company of Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and he reminds us of Hell-fire and Jannah, we feel as if we are seeing them with our very eyes, and when we are away from Messenger of Allah (PBUH), we attend to our wives, our children, our business, most of these things (pertaining to life hereafter) slip out of our minds.'' Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) said, "By Allah, I also experience the same thing". So Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) and I went to Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and I said to him, "O Messenger of Allah (PBUH), Hanzalah has turned hypocrite.'' Thereupon Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "What has happened to you?'' I said, "O Messenger of Allah, when we are in your company, and are reminded of Hell-fire and Jannah, we feel as if we are seeing them with our own eyes, but when we go away from you and attend to our wives, children and business, much of these things go out of our minds.'' Thereupon Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "By Him in Whose Hand is my life if your state of mind remains the same as it is in my presence and you are always busy in remembrance (of Allah), the angels will shake hands with you in your beds and in your roads; but Hanzalah, time should be devoted (to the worldly affairs) and time should be devoted (to prayer)". He (the Prophet (PBUH)) said this thrice.

Source: Riyadh As-Saliheen

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