View Full Version : During My Coffee Break~ Some Art

Life Artist
05-16-2010, 09:57 AM

Are you having your coffee cups? Go bring them and enjoy this coffee break with me =)
I didn't have any appetite to touch graphics since my father died few months ago. But as this young man passed away I felt like needing it!

Few days ago a member in a forum died, I wrote about it in The Worst Coffee Cup I'd Ever Drunk ,that member was Arabic and being a fan of Arabic calligraphy I opened the program "kelk" and started this latte =) , I wrote his name "Dhia Matar" in Arabic, and had some art!
Then I took it to adobe photoshop to have some accessories. I couldn't go far from coffee colors!

(it's background color is the same as that forum's bckgrnd)

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