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View Full Version : The crimes of republican and democratical Spain in 30's in XX century.

06-15-2010, 03:59 PM
Liberal secular and democratical world has its favourite symbols which are widely propagated and respected by uneducated democratical crowds. One of the main symbol is French Revolution (1789-1799). In Paris those times on revolutional square after the work done by guillotine, parisiens were walking in blood above ankles, but with the French Revolution (when concentration camps were invented in Vandea) we will deal later. Because other democratical and progressist symbol is democratical and republican Spain in the beginning of XX century, especially in 20's and 30's of XX century. All enemies of republican and democratical Spain are named as - fascists (of course demoliberal journalists have no idea that the defenders of catholic and traditional Spain had nothing to do with fascism).
Just like the progressist and democratical world turned a blind eye on the crimes of Soviet Union in XX century, they also were silent about crimes of democratical and republican Spain in 20's and 30's XX century.
Republican Spain was born in 1931 after the won of the Left in democratical elections. Lessons of religion were eliminated from the schools, many monasteries were eliminated with their posession, catholic funerals were hindered, religious procession were dependent from the goverment decision. During riots in May 1931, 100 churches were burned by anarchists and socialists. Since February 1936 to July 1936, 160 churches were burned by socialists and anarchists. During the civil war, the republican, democratical Spain was destroying ancient, Medieval aged churches, which belonged to spanish cultural heritage. In Barcelona all of its 58 churches were destroyed, except cathedra. Public burning of holy paintings and sculptures were organized on the streets. Over 20 000 catholic temples were victims of Red Terror. It was half of all spanish churches in 30's XX century.
From the hands of republican and socialist soldiers were killed - 7937 members of clergy, including - 12 bishops, 283 nuns, 5255 priests, 2492 monks and 249 members of novitaite. Just one day in November 1936 in Madrid, over 200 priests and nuns were murdered. From the hands of Red Spain were killed - bishops of Barcelona, Kadyks, Tarragona, Lerida, Cuencia, Cudidad Real, Segorbe, Jaean.
Although that republicans oferred priests a life for leaving Church and clergy state, there was no single example of aposthasy. Many priests were dying with the shout - Viva Cristo Rey! (Viva Christ the King). Some priests were crucified upside down on the doors of churches.

Socialists shoot to statue of saint.

One of the reds aims at the statue of Christ.

Church destroyed by republicans.

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06-15-2010, 04:26 PM
The flame that fuels oppression of the people is fed by the destruction of belief in God(swt).

06-15-2010, 06:22 PM
With God's help (and thousands of Moroccan soldiers who fought in gen Francisco Franco's army) the anti christian camp lost in Civil War (1936-1939).


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