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View Full Version : Ideal For Hufaaz! Makkah Taraweeh 1425 (2004) Sudais & Shuraim Divided into Quarters

06-25-2010, 09:37 AM
Ideal For Hufaaz! Makkah Taraweeh 1425 (2004) Sudais & Shuraim Divided into Quarters

This full quran set, which is broken into quarters took a lot of time and effort to make. This was done with the intention of helping myself with the memorisation of the quran.

Hufaaz often find it hard to listen and learn from CD sets that are broken into a random number of tracks. They often work in quarters, half and full juz's of the quran when learning. This will hopefully help a lot of people inshallah.

Finally, I have tried my best to make this an error free production but as humans we make mistakes, so please as a humble request, if there are any errors please point them out and I will try my best to fix the problem.

As a final request please do dua that Allah SWT is pleased with me and my family. This is the one and only thing I ask of you.

Jazakallah, your brother in Islam, Usamah Khan.

P.S. 2004 was the final year Sheikh Sudais and Shuraim read the full quran on their own in Masjid-al-haram. Since then there has usually been 4 or more imaams completing the taraweeh prayers. This was one of the reason I chose to use this recitation set over others.

English Description: Makkah Taraweeh 1425 (2004) Sudais and Shuraim Divided into Quarters. Ideal for Hufaaz
Language: Arabic
Genre: Quran
First Shown on: 2004
Duration: 19hours 23 mins and 10 seconds!
Year: 2004
Video Quality: N/A
Sound Quality: CD Quality
Bitrate: 192 kbps

There are two ways you can download this:

Via Torrent: http://www.islamictorrents.net/details.php?id=19817

Via Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/usamahkhan

I found this on another website, I found it very useful to have the Quran split up in quarters. Especially b/c the mushaf I use is the urdu script which has quarters.

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