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07-02-2010, 11:12 PM
I thought, I'll just open this thread for anyone to write on what reminds them of the Day of Judgement and the afterlife. As of course it can help others to heed the Signs of the Day of Judgement too. This thread is not a political debate etc (as the thread would not be beneficial for people to heed the signs of the Day of Judgement, they'll be wasting time arguing with each other), but again just writing down matter of fact information of looking at the signs around them, whatever that maybe.

Of course I believe that the countries will be of no more, they are expecting things to be OK, they went through financial crisis in the past and then they recovered, and they went through war in the past, but they recovered. As covered in the "Collapse of these countries" thread. Even if they recovered, they still would not be interested in turning to Islam. So what do they think that Allah would allow them to recover so they can live as they want? When even the people of Aad and Thamud were destroyed.

If there was a war with Iran, I believe that people will be already cosumed with their own problems, as the finanical crisis is not going to get better, and going to be worse because of loss of commodities, ie if they simply had olive oil effected it will effect other production of other goods, and it will be permanent losses as countries will not recover. So the governments have been trying to get their people behind the war effort which they enjoyed in World War 2 for example, but they are unable to achieve it. They may attack Iran because as greed, they go after what other people have, when they themselves have received to much.

It is a good job that Allah has allowed them to have a relative "peace time" to allow them to learn and repent to Islam, as when events happen these countries will be of no more. As if they were focused on fighting against Islam, they wouldn't be reading much about Islam. Its like people going against Hitler, they unquestionably went against him, the masses did not open his book Mein Kampf to understand him more, they accepted him as being evil and opposed him, but they could not achieve this with Islam, as the masses were opening the Quran.

This is why we don't get tested in just fighting a monster, because if people were concentrating on fighting this monster, they would not be spending more time to think about Allah and the Day of Judgement, they would be just teaching their sons and their sons just to oppose this monster, and of course you cannot go to Paradise because you killed a monster, you have to worship Allah, remember the Day of Judgement, in Paradise and in Hell. This is why Allah allows people to have their "peace time", have time to think and repent.

As we, the whole world will be facing the Dajjal together, and the Gog and Magog together, we are also going towards the Major signs of the Day of Judgement together. The countries were willing to go against Islam together, the majority of countries in the EU, went to invade Afghanistan, and even if people were not involved ie in South America, they talked about the US attacking Muslims (people who worship the one God and rememeber the Day of Judgement, in Paradise and Hell). Now they are talking about the US etc losing, to people who are less "sophisticated". At least they can never say they lost the war because they didn't have enough weapons etc. They had plenty of nations and resources compared to the Afghanistans, and they still could not win, they were asking other Afghanistans to help fight other Afghanistans to help the win the war! So what is they point of waging war when you cannot fight yourself? The people who go around joining gangs and killing people are looking really stupid compared to Muslim Men who are willing to fight in the name of Allah.

They cannot leave Afghanistan, Iraq and live as they had done before, they cannot reclaim what they had before. Even though they went to Iraq before etc, this is a religious reason, they have been warned about Islam. Even though there was the attempted invasions of Jeruslam by the Crusaders etc, still this time the whole world has come together and going together towards the Day of Judgement. Even after the 2004 Tsunami earthquake they said the whole Earth moved.

Why should Allah just destroy the UK, US on its own?? The others have proved no different as they opposed Islam, trying to ban headscarfs etc. When the UK, US etc gets destroyed even Muslim countries will be effected ie Pakistan etc, they don't have to suffer a natural disaster to be effected. There is a knock on effect by the collapse of the US, UK etc, currencies being effected, and banks no longer operating. So even if you were living in a village in Pakistan you are still part of going towards the Day of Judgement, it isn't about being able to be self-sufficient as of course you would have to leave your home and join the Mahdi (bit about differences in living talked about in the "Major signs of the Day of Judgement" thread). So about going together towards the Day of Judgement. Allah is Just, he is warning all nations at the same time, and they will simultaneously be destroyed, and people going through the first Major signs of the Day of Judgement.

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07-05-2010, 01:26 AM
Agadir, Morocco 5.7 Earthquake 29/02/1960

There is reference that there were homosexual tourists, and the Moroccans were in the third day of Ramadan. At 11:45 pm the 15 second earthquake killed over 12,000. Over 1,000 Jews were killed. In some parts, majority of the buildings were destroyed. They rebuilt a new Agadir close by, and now it again hosts tourists being lewd including homosexuality, and locals joining in.

So I rather not be like them that do not heed the clear warnings that Allah has provided. So this to me is certainly one to remember, not only did it happen relatively recently, but people can also see the aftermath where people just become ignorant, knowing full well on what has happened in the past. At least they can never say on the Day of Judgement that they have never been warned.

07-06-2010, 12:05 AM
The financial crisis of today

To start non-Muslims are willing to think of themselves as being different from the people in the past. But when it comes to recovering from anything, be it a natural disaster, financial crisis, they are then willing to say that they are the same as people in the past and will recover too!

The financial crisis in the past, did not see people being as lewd as you see people today, they were not openly accepting homosexuality in the 1930s, etc, allowing children to be adopted by them, or even civil partnerships. Even when people in other parts of the world, going through drought did not go far with this openly accepting homosexuality. Lewd females were not standing in the “breadline”.

It has been a good thing that people to re-evaluate on what they are holding onto -the life of this world is only limited. Even if they walked past businesses, universities, were they are 100 plus years old to think that people also talked about the life of this world, thinking about acquiring things financially and now they are in the next world.

At least they cannot say on the Day of Judgement that they were not helped to look towards the next world, to remember Allah and the Day of Judgement.

The financial crisis of today, they have talked about a credit crunch. Considering that they are not repenting, do they think that Allah would just allow them to have the foods and various produce as they once did? The people in the past were destroyed they are no different, as stated in post 1 of this thread. So I will not be surprised at all that there will be losses ie olive oil and it would have a knock on effect (as olive oil is used in a variety of products). So this will have an considerable effect on the economy. Things will not get better.

They cannot reclaim what they used to have , the people who slew the Camel at the time of Prophet Salih peace be upon him could not reclaim how they used to live. You cannot reject Islam and be provided for, even the sinful people at the time of Prophet Noah and Lut peace be upon them were destroyed.

Even if they were to recover (which is not going to happen), they still would continue rejecting Islam, staying in the lewd ways which is also unfair to their children. As everyone in the whole world is facing the Major signs of the Day of Judgement (as explained in post 1 of this thread). It has been beneficial and that the countries will simultaneously be over. People will not be nationalistic when things get worse as they know that they are not better off then another country as they are facing the same situation. When there is a natural disaster, ie a volcano erupting and people fleeing, they become uncomfortable, this time this feeling is permanent (as explained a bit in the “Major signs of the Day of Judgement thread”). For the first time for ages the word calamity has not really been used, but it will be one. Even if they US, UK, Germany etc finished it will have a knock on effect on the rest of the countries ie Pakistan, Iran, Iraq etc. People living over there will not be saying that life is normal. Even if you are self-sufficient, you are still part of the world events in heading towards the Day of Judgement. So you have to join the Mahdi, Prophet Jesus peace be upon him (again this is explained a bit more in the “Major signs of the Day of Judgement“ thread).

We know that the countries will not be here when Prophet Jesus peace be upon him arrives back. The countries will collapse, and this means that they will not be operating as they have done. Even the Dajjal (anti-christ), is moving around assuming control not making treaties with others.. The financial crisis is also the west world of facing a drought and being effected in the way that they live (as they no longer really work and live off the lands).

The people who are saying that things will improve are not religious and greedy and look towards the life of this world. The Prophet Noah, Lut, Salih peace be upon them etc have all stated that Allah destroys evil doers. Allah has only ever taught us that nations will be destroyed because of the evil that they used to do. They really think that everything will be fine when even they are openly accepting evil ie homosexuality.

They said they did not want to be part of religion but secularism, then simple don’t be around when Prophet Jesus peace be upon him comes back. After all Prophet Jesus peace be upon him is not going to wear a suit and tie and visit the UN headquarters etc, those times are finished.

07-07-2010, 12:08 AM
Pakistan Earthquake 7.6 08/10/05

About 86,000 people were killed and about 69,000 injured.

Most damage in Muzaffrabad area Kashmir.

At least 1,350 people killed in India.

At least 1 person killed in Afghanistan and some building collapsed there also.

In Pakistan felt far as south at Sargodha, and Quetta.

In Pakistan buildings also collapsed in Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Abbottabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat

The earthquake was felt at Kabul, Afghanistan,
Kashi, China
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Estimated 4 million people were made homeless.

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