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07-12-2010, 04:31 PM
Attacking me

One of the issues that they say is that I don’t look at the things that they want to look at-but they don’t discuss what I have to say in my threads, I did not create threads to talk about other issues, I created a thread to talk about the issues at hand. They accuse me of complaining that people don’t agree with me, when it is actually they who complain that I don’t agree with them (when they don’t actually discuss my threads).

1. They say they were attacking me in how I write, when as Allah is my witness, I see a definite link to those people who have a problem are those that have been complacent in heeding the signs around them as we are heading towards the first Major signs of the Day of Judgement.

2. They said they were Muslims, servants of Allah, ready to fight and die in the name of Allah, then what do they want to be treated like sissys? Do they want someone to hold their hand when the Dajjal is here?

3. They were not interested in the truth, for if they were they would have read my other threads and taken them into account before being critical of me. I don’t have any sympathy, as I made it so easy for them. If someone is not accepted, then that person explains themselves, ie if they have mental disorders and then you listen to their reply and at least acknowledge it.

As stated I have made it so easy for them to understand were I come from, I have already written the “My intentions” thread, with the “Collapse of these countries” and of course the “Major signs of the Day of Judgement” threads, which no matter how many times I mentioned it they could not be bothered to read.

Even the “My intentions” thread got derailed!! They did not actively acknowledge that Yes, if someone believes that there is not much time, they are not going to waste their time, and be to the point etc.

4. Its clear as they were not interested in attacking what was actually written (they did try and attack but talk about different situations, ie I am talking about forced marriages, but they want to talk about respecting parents etc. So they did not attack the relevant points, they did not say that what I had said was wrong, when I mentioned that parents will not be able to repeat themselves on the Day of Judgement, if they made something unlawful to someone which was lawful. If they treat children badly they are held for account, even baby girls were murdered and they will be held accountable on the Day of Judgement. Anyhow that is entirely as you can see separate issues.

5. So its evident they were interested in attacking me personally!! Why have traits which evil people have? If they see someone who is doing OK, they want to bring that person down. Even in the West people are prejudiced, they don’t like a person doing well, and want that person to make a mistake as they are jealous, as soon as they make a mistake, they won’t feel bothered about that person anymore. Which people were trying to do with me, trying to get me to make a mistake, trying to bring me to fault! This is how evil people behave.

They want to make excuses saying I have been rude, but actually the threads are not rude. If it was simply about me being rude anyway, why try and spend time trying to make me look bad?? You could simply say such and such was rude. Of course they didn’t as the threads were not rude.

6. At least I am happy to say, as Allah is my witness that;-
-I do not have intentions of bring others down,
-I do not treat people if they are stupid, but the ones that were critical of the “Marriages not being approved” thread, were talking about young people being stupid. So as I mentioned;-

I am direct, but mentally I don’t look around and think that people are stupid,
They say they are being nice, but they mentally and actually treat people if they are stupid.
Then as above who fares better?? What do you prefer for someone to treat you like if you are stupid? They are quick to mention and treat Muslim Men and women as immature, again not after the truth, as I did link up that thread to the “Evil Society” thread.
Also why I don’t feel the need to write threads about respecting parents, treating non-Muslims OK-as I expect everyone to know that-hence I am not treating people like if they are stupid.

7. If you were so kind, then why are you not spending more time heeding the signs that Allah has provided you with?? That the countries are finishing write now. Many natural disasters have occurred and they are actually planning a long term life in their countries.

It is a fact that there are people who mentally use this has an excuse, they say we don’t know when the Day of Judgement is going to happen, so I am not going to worry about it, just carry on until it happens. Well Allah has also given you eyes and ears to heed the signs, also the Prophet talked about the signs, he did not talk about the signs so you can ignore them.

8. I am not going to change, but others. I don’t need to change when I go through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement.

9. They think to complain about how they want to be given things, how spoilt-don’t bother talking about what the Palestinians are going through, or the fact that people are being tortured in the grave. As stated I am trying to cramp a lot in one go, as people don’t have long to learn them, as of course we don’t know when we are going to die. This may also hit them hard, as they have been complacent, treating Islam a bit casually and looking towards the life of this world.

If you were not willing to pick up on glass of water everyday, and then someone comes along and gives you 100 glasses in one go, it can appear too much. That is not my problem, as the issue started with yourselves, not heeding the signs. It is a FACT if you heeded what is happening, then you would NOT have a problem with how I am writing. As Muslims we are to be happy about hearing the signs Day of Judgement.

Do you not think? That people rejected the Prophets in the past, they were mentioning Allah and the Day of Judgement, well if you were sincere, you have NO CAUSE to dispute with that person, that is unIslamic.

10. They thought to attack me personally and what were they hoping to accomplish??? That I just shut up and be like them, being idiotic, when they can’t be bothered to find out what they are being critical about. Some people if they want to be critical of someone, they read that person’s book and then be critical. What do these people do, just be critical and throw any argument around to say that I am wrong, when I am not., again acting as infidels. Even the Jews used to listen to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him hoping for him to make a mistake.

11. I cannot change, because I am responding to the signs. So the FACT is if anyone wanted to change me, they would have to ask me to stop heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement, the plus side is that as these countries are collapsing and we are heading towards the Major signs of the Day of Judgement, I can stay this way. As mentioned in the “My intentions” and “Collapse of these countries” thread. If you only thought you had 1 day to leave this country, you would be warning your children of the upcoming events such as the Dajjal, as you would be concerned for their safety. Which no one would acknowledge, that it is acceptable for someone to not think about to tell someone nicely that a Volcano has erupted and they have to flee, that they just be shouting and screaming etc.

12. I have come here to help people be stronger in Islam, to cope going through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement, and of course if they die before. This is of course a priority. I only write on social issues again, if I see it as a barrier for to overcome to heed the Day of Judgement warnings. I don’t actively always keep up with social issues threads. Certainly the only reason I wrote “Marriages not being approved”, “Society Evils”, “Devils” etc. for people to overcome issues to look towards the Day of Judgement more.

13. They wanted to attack me personally, instead of allowing Islamic board to be useful place of learning. They didn’t have to go into my threads, they were not forced to post. I am not the one that needs to change, it is they when they go through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement. Attacking me, is not going to help you through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement.

14. So as above, I made it so simple for them, if they wanted to attack me, then refute

-“My intentions (which talks about how a person behaves when they are heeding the signs)”,

-“Collapse of these countries” (first thread I posted, this gives a basis on how I treat life today, hence what I talk and write about).

-”Major signs of the Day of Judgement thread (were it also goes into talking about accepting the different situation and a bit about difference of behaviours)

-“Cruel, unkind and not looking towards the life of the next world (new thread, they can still try and refute this and say I am wrong in how I am

-“Being exasperated”. (new thread, they can still try and refute this to say I am wrong in how I am)

The fact that they did not actively read them, proves the behaviour of people deficient in intelligence, understanding, why bother spending so much time trying to be critical of me, when you could have simply done it by refuting those threads??? Which time and time again I had mentioned. Again if someone is behaving differently, then people would tell them to stop, if they don’t they usually enquire why, they have the reasons and work from there. I have given them the reason why I behave the way I do and the way I write. Which NOT once have they said they accept or don’t accept for me to write like this WHEN I absolutely believe that the countries will be of no more and I am heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement. They are just saying that they don’t accept me who I am, when not only are you attacking me, but attacking me for being the way I am for heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement.

I am also posting two other threads called “Cruel, unkind and not looking towards the life of the next world and “Being exasperated”.

I am not actively looking for any responses. This is to let people know that people have not intelligently made any sense by attacking me, as reasons give above. If anyone would like to reply I expect them to have read all 5 threads highlighted in blue. And to answer the following questions;-

1. If a volcano is erupting and you have to run out of the house, you are rushing around, and telling your family to hurry up. You don’t have time to sit down and casually and calmly talk to them about what is happening, but hastening them out of the house.
Is the above behaviour acceptable? Yes/No

2. I believe that we are heading towards the first Major signs of the Day of Judgement. Is it OK for me to be to the point, quickly place as much information as possible to warn others, children if I had them so they won’t be led astray, after all the Dajjal is coming too. Is it OK that I don’t have the behaviour of calmly, and casually talking about it. But give them information clearly, and to help them to be strong and remain steadfast in Islam? Is this acceptable Yes/No.

3. That when a person knows that the Dajjal is coming soon, they don’t think of casually talking about Islam. They are not being rude, but they don’t think care how people want to be treated as it is a desperate time. They are anxious, they don’t have time to stop and think about pleasant behaviours, neither would people care about them when the sun rises from the West, when the beast arrives, they are not being rude, but don’t think and care about socially being acceptable with people, they will talk to people, but only in regards to the Day of Judgement, not as you see people today, who talk about Islam and others matters a lot ie. work, family, wars etc. Is this acceptable? Yes/No.

Again I would have expected you to read all 5 threads, because if you have not, you can tell by people’s replies that they have not. I don’t care about responding, as I know that I have not been on Islamicboard to put people down, well I have just been active writing threads for the sole purpose of sharing information, understanding. I am clear with my intentions (I did not sign in this board to throw anything at someone to try and bring them down, I‘ve only been replying anyhow). Of course we will see each other on the Day of Judgement. This thread was to confront the dishonourable intentions of some members.

No derailments, so no talking about how a person should be ie manners, as this is about my behaviour (as explained in “My intentions“, no need to mention Dawah, and how you want it etc. Not about wasting time on your versions of events etc, as people can see them, if you dispute it write your own thread. This thread helps people to finally place a stop into wasting time attacking me by reading the above and answering the questions. So to stop things from dragging on and on, without people getting to the point. It is needed as all my threads are being derailed and there are people with not good intentions, they are interested in attacking me, rather then using Islamicboard as a place of knowledge. Of course I am using what has happened to myself, for people to stop derailing threads, to attacking people personally and to start using Islamicboard more better as way of sharing information.

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07-16-2010, 01:48 PM
Please see post 1, no derailment, this just an update. As I am not impressed of the persistent stupidity of some people. I am going to call this section;-


1. Think they have something to teach me (when I know enough to pass my test), when they cannot find fault with the thread content.

2. They look less towards the Day of Judgement then I do. I would NEVER follow anyone who looks less towards the Day of Judgement then me.

3. If you were so much kinder then me, then fine, why have you not heeded the signs around you and accepted that the countries are finishing? Allah is not going to call anyone kind for ignoring the relevance of the 2004 Tsunami example.

4. I am more then happy to accept an "innocent" reason for why there are Muslims trying to tell me what to do, and how to be, except that I have ALREADY explained myself, were they never acknowledge the points.

5. I can't help seeing a connection, they are quick to try and treat me like if I am learning from them, or that I need to. Why?? Is this not what some people do when trying to be above others?? I am doing no such thing, but relating information.

6. I am NOT convinced they are concerned about Dawah, because if it is then again they would have heeded the signs around them, and be busy creating their own threads.

7. If they approached a person who is stronger then they are, there are people who get a kick out of bringing that person down.

8. If it was simply how I am, in the way I write, again I am not convinced as the people who have problems with it are the ones that have been less complacent about heeding the signs.

9. They are quick to treat you like if you are in a Student, Amateur position in Islam (when they have no basis), and if you don't follow them, they don't like it. There are those that like to treat you in a lower position then they are, when we are all to stand on the Day of Judgement.

Frankly, I am not convinced that they have good intentions.

I see something very wrong, I don’t see honourable attentions, is this not what evil people do? They try and get others to see them as better, and even get others to depend on them. Why the obesession with following me around my threads and telling me how to behave?

Maybe they thought it was easier, they pick on people who aren’t as they call it being nice, and think to change that person-when obviously they are in error. What an earth do they think is going to happen? That I'm going to suddenly appreciate being like them when I find them sickening?? +o( Even they admitted to not thinking about children's welfare but jumping to the parents in the "Marriages not being approved" thread. They obviously are the sort of people that want others to be in a lower position to them, and they try and get me to be there too. Well its never going to happen, I being a strong Muslim, a servant of Allah!! :D

IF they were so concerned about Dawah, then why don’t they busy themselves in creating their own threads, as I already mentioned to them that what they are saying and doing, is not cared for by me.

I think it borders on sick people trying to get attention, to see others better then they are, they rely on improving/helping others to try and be someone.

Well if they had sense then they would realise if I was unkind then I would not have learnt about what I have done about Islam. They are making themselves look foolish on the Day of Judgement if they find that person is actually OK.

I don't need anyone's support nor do I seek it. I see that there behaviour being abnormal and sickening. +o(

07-21-2010, 10:20 AM
You must have got a lot of free time on your hands, these posts are huge. You think people got the time to read this??
I certainly don't, no wonder they keep derailing your threads, they only manage to read half or maybe quarter then they start commenting, KISS.
I - IT

07-21-2010, 10:24 AM
And, Oh yes, the colour coding must be giving them HEADACHES!! Certainly gives me one. +o(

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07-21-2010, 10:33 AM
colour coding is fine and the posts have some good in them

07-21-2010, 10:37 AM
Originally Posted by Abdullahii
colour coding is fine and the posts have some good in them
Not for me, it just does'nt work, besides the sheer volume really puts me off, reading on a pc screen is'nt the easiest either.

07-21-2010, 10:51 AM
jus ignore f something doesnt fulfill ur desires or are not of da kind which u want , cuz no1 knows wat da others like or wat they dun liek

07-21-2010, 03:11 PM
Originally Posted by ziyad
Not for me, it just does'nt work, besides the sheer volume really puts me off, reading on a pc screen is'nt the easiest either.
1. You know one of the issue is derailiment, which you have already acknowledged, so why bother derailing this one??

2. If you can't read it, then why bother telling me??

3. This thread is NOT about your complaint that you don't like colour and you don't have time to read it. When they have nothing to complain about they say anything. The colours are fine.

4. Also as you probably aren't aware that it's actually straight forward to write a thread, and a person wouldn't think about the length just be concerned about what they want to talk about. Its not about having too much free time, its about being productive, unlike wasting time trying to tell someone you didn't have the time to read the thread.

Lastly I can see its unfortunate for people like you that I am also a touch typist, with an average WPM of 55.


07-21-2010, 03:33 PM
if you think this is the begining of the end then its your job as a muslim to try and hold that day away for as long as possible.
im not the same person as ziyad as for thread derailment most real world arguments often go the same way, important thing is not to lose sight of the point you were making when you are coerced into another less constructive argument.
im not changing my status from muslim brother though although maybe i should, i often feel like shaving my beard and even wonder why i chose a silver ring.

07-23-2010, 12:33 PM
Originally Posted by M.I.A.
im not the same person as ziyad.
I think you dilemma has been solved, ziyad has been disabled. Seems he may have been stepping on too many toes.

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