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07-12-2010, 05:01 PM
Sinful people are more bothered about what other people are going to be thinking about them, they have commited a crime, and they will not be treated kindly by peope in society. They do not usually think about being acceptable by Allah. Even in crimes, they pretend that someone forced them to commit a crime etc, playing the role of a victim so people won't be horrible to them.

1. Anyone can repent, whether they have killed someone, sexually abused someone etc

2. They should remember that no one on the Day of Judgement would be saying that they could not have repented -they will be saying that anyone could have repented=-important not to listen to society.

3. No-one will care about their sins, they are all looking towards Allah on the Day of Judgement.

4. The victims of crimes such as rape, will not be sitting in Paradise forever complaining that someone raped them, after all an evil person's crimes does not eclipse the sun, stop people from enjoying what Allah himself has provided. Why should it stiop them from enjoying paradise forever? Is that evil person's actions so important, huge that it will stop them from looking towards Allah? No. People won't be talking about evil deeds in Paradise-then it won't be a happy home, people are happy they don't want to talk about a person's evil deeds, the references will be of that they have not made it to Paradise and thus are not able to enjoy Paradise.

5. Sinners should be concerned just as any Muslim is that they should repent and save themselves from hell. It doesn't matter who is gong to accept them or not, just not go into the flames of hell forever. They should remember that Allah is going to keep them alive and they will have to live with their mistakes in hell or out of it (if they repented), so better to be out of the flames of hell.

6. They should remember that Muslims, angels etc get along with people that Allah is pleased with, even Allah has still provided them with food, clothing, water etc. It's not about sitting their feeling guilty of your sins, its about being in awe of Allah's mercy. There is plenty of focus on people being accepted by other people, but not talking about being accepted by Allah as the most important acceptance and the only important one you can have in your lifetime in this world and in the next.

7. If people don't like you on account of your evil acts, do not be concerned as you will only be concerned with Allah's reaction.

8. If you did go to hell, you would not be bothered about so and so not liking you, of course you don't care about their reaction to your crimes you are on fire, all you care about is getting out and its too late for you to repent and of course you wished you had done.

People who commit sins are more bothered about not being treated as an innocent person as they cannot get attention, be accepted by society, this is what they miss the most, the concern is not of themselves in the next world, sometimes when they know that no-one will like them they stay the same way. Again the sinful acts, people's reaction to themselves should not prevent them from thinking that Allah is Merciful and ever Forgiving. If there are disputes with people, then ask them to say it on the Day of Judgement, a sinful person should not be talking about their past sins, but look towards Allah.

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