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07-12-2010, 08:43 PM

I was asked a question about halal and haram food today, although I could answer part sof it, I felt I didn't know enough.

It was about halal animals, what makes an animal halal? How we slaughter them? Why is anything from the sea permissible and why can we not eat insects (as I said I couldn't eat angel cake as it had cochineal in it)

Would something be able to answer the questions as I couldn't seem to find anything and when I ask people tend to tell me I have no faith when I do or that women shouldn't ask that question.

I understand that some things are beyond our understanding, however I believe that reasoning can help some like me to be better in their faith and speaking about it with others. I admire those who can follow the faith on that alone however I'm not strong enough to do that and know this would help me in better understanding the wisdom behind the rules we were given.

Apologies if anyone is offended by anything I may have said or done, it was not my intention.

Jazak Allah


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