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07-13-2010, 11:35 AM
Islam is the key to success!!!

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07-13-2010, 11:43 AM
Yes, Islam is the key to true success. You know some people define success based only on this dunya : money, fancy cars, etc. That's no true success. True success is beyond this short life.

Innocent Soul
07-13-2010, 12:21 PM
Yes, but the main thing is we should perfectly know what is Islam and we should implement on what we say. This is a bit difficult.:hiding:

07-13-2010, 03:59 PM
Asalaam O Alaikum.... Jazak Allah for the topic...

i wanted to say a few words on Islam... on something very essential, for which i wanted to open a thread but i did'nt but since i saw this thread, i thought of posting here whatever i wanted to say....

When Islam was established the Companions were the 1st ones to built a True Islamic Society based on Islamic Principles and became as the best examples for all upcoming generations.... they established a society based on Justice, fairness and goodness which no society had ever matched them....but as later generations came they kept swerving from those examples and could not develop the exact same society..... and now until our time, we have completely swerved away from their examples...

"After the companions came their successors, who deserted this Quran. They preserved its words but lost its injunctions. They understood it poorly. They did not put first what the Quran puts first. They did not put last what Quran put last. They did not give eminence to what this Book gives eminence to. They did not belittle what this Book belittles.... There is no deliverence of this Ummah from its loss, backwardness and ruin except by turning back to this Quran. We must make this Quran as the guide and the leader." said Sehikh Yusuf al Qardawi.... in Book Kaifa Nata'amal ma'al Quran-il-Azeem (How should we interact with the Great Quran)

So if we try focussing on this part of the Sheikh's words, we can easily see where are we actually going wrong .... we are putting what Quran puts 1st in the last and putting last what Quran puts 1st.... We do have rights given to us by Allah (Swt) as well as the rights of others over us. If we do not draw the lines between our rights and the rights of the ones around us , whether family or coummunity, we may ignore and over ride some one elses rights because of our own, as we would not be able to see what comes 1st.... and so Quran is our Light which shows us where that line is, so we do not over step that line, in the name of our own rights..... an example is the rights of parents over their Children and rights of the Husband over wife and wife over husband.

There are many Virtues which seem aparent but the real virtue is something else. There is sometimes a line between what we like to do and what we should do. There are times when we might be using the Religion for our own hobby or desire and we would not even know. So therefore the Quran and the Prophetic Teachings can help us draw that line and make things clear for us.

For example.... The right of the wife in Islam is that wifes obligations are limited, she is not legally obliged to even cook food for her husband, much less serve the parents and relatives of the husband. But she does it in kindness and such kindness would call for greater kindness in return from her husband which would keep the family system at peace. She is not legally obliged to do such, as serve his parents or help his parents, but she does it, as caring for each other would increase the affection between every one. She could say that her right in Islam is not to serve any one or help any one, but she does what should be done and not how she feels like.

Also an example is of many people who came to the Prophet (saw) asking and even begging to participate in the Jihad (Struggle) yet the Prophet told them to go serve their parents because their parents needed them. What could be more better than serving the Messenger of God and becoming one of his Companions and even laying down their lives for Message of Islam ? Yet the Prophet told them to leave and serve their old parents as sometimes, what we might think is right might not be.

The problem with us Muslims today, including myself, that we are following and trying to do those virtues which may seem virtues to us, but if look at the picture as a whole, the real virtue might be something else and we might just be going for what seems apparently a virtue.

Quran is our light, our guide which we should read and ponder, so it can show us whenever we would be having a conflict between religion as a hobby and religion as obedience to Allah (swt), and this way we would know what comes first and what comes last.

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