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07-22-2010, 01:27 PM
Hello y'all,

As I've already mentioned in a previous thread, my dream's coming true. InshaAllah, I'm going to do my Umrah on the first half of Ramadhan. I longed to be there in the laylat qadr but my boss refused to give me my leave on those days.

Everybody around me tells me that it's going to be extremely tough since the heat is paroxystic there. Please, I'm asking those who did their Umrah in the same period of time to give me some piece of advice. Religion-wise, I've been preparing myself for a couple of months. Here are some practical questions:

1- Is it allowed to put on sun protection creams during day time?
2- What kinda food do you suggest me to eat? Do you know some restaurants I should go to?
3-There's a lady who's coming with us. She's not religious at all. She's used to slandering, missing prayers and all she wants to do is shopping. She's overweight and walks slowly. I don't want to miss a prayer or miss going to places related to our Prophet's (pbuh) life. I don't want to be in RAMADHAN and in the holy land and hear or do bad things. Can I just dump her?

Thanks for your understanding.


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08-03-2010, 02:48 AM
Alhamdulillah... I went there last May.... the temperature was like 45 degree Celsius... and got tanned.. ;D

My sisters protected their faces by wearing niqab.

08-11-2010, 02:00 PM
if you havent gone yet- yes u can put cream on ur face, niqab doesnt always help with a tan.

drink loadsssss of water when u can, for food in madina- coming out of gate 25 which is the gate that women go for salam- go straight, out of haram marble area and on ur left side behind the first building is a food area. also go to movenpick up the lift twice and try their desserts :hiding:
in makkah- theres food on the streets or go into abraj al bait 3rd floor for a different selection of takeouts and its got a nice eating area.
yes u can dump that woman especially if u feel she will be talking bad, it is even better to do it.

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