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07-23-2010, 08:12 AM
I am an amateur poetry writer,I dun dare calling myself a poetess-I dun think I really have a knack for that.So those of you who have kindly help me improve and esp with the rhythm(its so very difficult to grasp)So here's my first Offering:

O God!My Merciful Lord!
Prevail Your love over Love of all,
And Your displeasure feared above,
Every mundane insecurity and juggernaut.
So I plea You not to let them interfere,
With my resolute heart
Leaving me to suffer,to fail,
In Your Sight,
Qualmish now,I ask You set me right!

My Lord!My Ever-forgiving God!
None but You know,
That with my Nafs I brawl to the best I can,
Day and Night
A mortally wounding fight
Alas!daily lost.

My God!My Benevolent Lord!
Help me!!Save my feeble soul,
Against the plots of my Nafs and Shaitan
Its too weak to fight them at its own
I don't want to be defeated and lose my Imaan
My dessicated eyes and anemic heart
Aren't competent enough to resist,they'll fall apart
If You leave me at my own devices
I am only to fail and oddly to deal successfully with the crisis

O Guardian!O Sustainer!
I've always found You there,
I've never witnessed You not responding to my prayers,
You stand by me in happiness and despair,
Yet you know,that when I prostrate
Its mainly due to weakness and fear
And not because of love or care
But I know You do as you're always there

So I beseech You O Compeller!!
As you've set an skeptic's happiness and serenity,
In his ignorance and crave for the material-all flam!
Put mine in acquiring Your pleasure
And vivify this heart's infarcted realm.

-Bintulislam July 2010

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07-23-2010, 10:00 AM
It is very beautiful!

Maybe you can showcase your talent here http://www.islamicboard.com/creative-writing-art/

07-23-2010, 10:14 AM
thankyou :)But somehow I am unable to get access to that,may be becoz I am a limited member.

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