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View Full Version : How many times or how much do we cry for Allah each day?

08-01-2010, 07:31 AM
Asalamu Alekum

Many of us pray 5 times a day and some people pray at night as well and bow down to Allah for long hours, but how many times did our tears flow? We stand in front of the greatest of all, the one who created the universe and who watches us all the time, yet many tend to simply stand and bow like a prefixed robot. Is life so important that we don't see the love and rewards Allah has for us?

The Quran, the great blessing of Allah upon us, so many versus that would coz even a hard stiff mountain to bow in fear and yet our hearts although being soft, passes through all the versus of the Quran likewise it passes through a human written book.

I ask Allah subhanah wa taalah to lead us to Him and to increase our love for Him, ameen.

Salamu Alekum

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