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08-02-2010, 12:33 AM
I think there should be more push on people creating their own threads. People may say there are already people creating threads, but there people who bring up different issues in a thread, and it perceived as they are could have asked that question before and created their own thread, instead of waiting so long.

Normally there maybe something that is so important to others, but appear as insignificant to another, that they won't create a thread about it, thereby not sharing knowledge. I have added on threads myself, when I saw people questioning such and such things, such as "No such thing as Atheism", personally its not something I would have created until I saw people debating with Atheists. So its not something I would have written solely because I wanted to write it, as I didn't think it was so important, as to me the case is already settled etc.

Create threads and ask questions, because you do only have a short amount of time to learn in this world.

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