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08-07-2010, 03:53 AM
There has been a lot on the news on people fighting for their country.

1. The UK, US do not have an agreement with Allah to allow soldiers to go to Paradise because they fought for them instead of in the name of Allah.

2. What is the point of fighting against other evil people, when you go to Hell with them for not worshipping Allah, remembering the Day of Judgement and in Paradise and Hell. One person was even willing to say on Ummah that I supported Hitler when I said;-
What is the point of fighting against Hitler when you go to Hell with him?? (If I supported Hitler anyway, then I would not be saying he is going to Hell), Anyway she got the above the preceded to say that there are Muslims who fought in WW2. Yes, but they did not fight so people can get drunk, be lewd, secularism and they never said they fought for people who do not want to be religious.

3. See “Murder” thread too.

4. You can never allow someone to tell you to kill someone. You are responsible on the Day of Judgment.

5. Being a soldier is not a job, they complain that people are getting Muslims to be fighters, but Muslims only fight in the last minute when they are being attacked.

6. Why are the British army selling toys to children and make it acceptable to fight. What business is it of a 16/17./18 year old etc to say I am in the position to kill someone? They have not cared for others and they are suddenly in a position to fight?/ If they cared about people really, then how many times are they serious about caring about their parents in old age etc??

7. Why are they being taught it a good job to have a career in killing people??? They go in and expect to be treated well by their country and when they don’t get attention they feel not being valued etc. Well at least a Muslim only fights in the name of Allah not to get attention.

8. The people who have been killed fighting against Muslims are going to Hell and are wishing that they did not listen to their Governments, non of them would have even said in this world when they were here that Bush, was a good, pious person, so why bother being told who to kill for him.

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