View Full Version : Terrorists why they are completely wrong

08-09-2010, 04:32 AM

To me they are completely wrong for simple reasons;-

1. They are killing people who are not fighting them-they make excuses in Afghanistan etc, that they can't kill the agressors without sucidie bombings etc-whch is wrong-if they can't fight the agressors who fight them then don't fight, there is no excuse to kill people who do not fight you. Allah says not to turn our backs on our enemies, and even in the Battle of Badr they were outnumbered-but that doesn't mean the Muslims were just throwing fire around etc -they faced them no matter what they had or how many in number and fought them-and of course they are not doing this today-if you were, then you would approach the enemy and fight not to think that they need to throw a bomb to win-well Allah said not to worry for he is with you and if you are right then you go and fight and not think that they have all these people, weapons, planes, and you cannot win. To place your trust in Allah. Of course they are in a habit saying if the enemy has this weapon, then they need the same one to win etc. Fighting secretly, is being as a coward, just because the US do it, doesn't mean the Muslims have to -again to remember Allah and fight-not spend more of your time thinking what the enemy is capable of doing-which shows that you are not fearing Allah alone which you should be doing. So because they are spending more of their time thinking about what the enemy is capable of doing they are resulting to suicide bombings, terrorist activites etc.

2. These people shoud just be praying to Allah to destoy their enemies-if they believed in Allah -then why don't they? Of course setting off a bomb is not going to resolve their problems.

3. Why are the terrorist just quoting building a Muslim state-just proof that its influenced by Zionists-no Muslim looks towards living in this world-and even when Prophet Jesus peace be upon him has arrived we are not going to have a state-how can people be bothered to do that when they know that the Day of Judgement is upon them? If you sat in your own house, you won't be bothered about decorating it as no one else will be living in it and you yourself won't be there for that long as the Day of Judgement is upon us.So as people won't be bothered about their homes as they are today-how can they build a state? Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will not stop warning people about the Day of Judgement-no Prophet has failed to warn us of this. How can you build a state when you have to go upto a mountainous area when the Gog and Magog arrive. If people did build a state-it would obviously not help them to remember the Day of Judgement, and they can't just start taking it seriously when the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him dies. Of course Islam will be in every household-but again not a formal state as explained in the "Major signs of the Day of Judgement thread"

4. Simply if they believe in Allah-then ask them to pray to Allah to resolve their problems-there is no excuse in killing people unlawfully!

5. Allah has never asked us to go on a killing spree killing people who are unbelievers-we are allowed to fight and kill people who fight against us. Not go to their people in their countries killing them as they are not the ones who are fighting you personally-even if they supported the war or not they are not the ones fighting you in Afghanistan etc. Do they not rememeber the stories of the past that Allah destroys unbelievers if they do not repent, and that Muslims only fight against those who fight us.

Please note:- I am talking about terrorist activities which is about people just throwing bombs etc, killing people who aren't fighting them not talking about why Muslims in general are fighting against the Coaltion forces in various parts of the world.

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