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08-09-2010, 04:41 AM
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Being to the point on issues (not for being critical, to be to the point ie people should only fear Allah, not blame Allah etc, as people only have a short amount of time to repent) and also the fact that it should not hinder a person to making it to Paradise.

We have the story of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him's Mother in the Quran when she encountered Jibril, she warned that if he did something wrong he would be punished by Allah, as she did NOT know he was an angel, he came in the form of a Man, two main points;-

1. She was only afraid of Allah
2. Jibril came in the guise of a beautiful man and she wasn't thinking about having a relationship with him!

Surah Maryam:-

16. Relate in the Book (the story of) Mary, when she withdrew from her family to a place in the East.
17. She placed a screen (to screen herself) from them; then We sent her our angel, and he appeared before her as a man in all respects.
18. She said: "I seek refuge from thee to ((Allah)) Most Gracious: (come not near) if thou dost fear Allah."
19. He said: "Nay, I am only a messenger from thy Lord, (to announce) to thee the gift of a holy son.
20. She said: "How shall I have a son, seeing that no man has touched me, and I am not unchaste?"

The recently talked about victim was afraid of this attacker-of course she won't be saying on the Day of Judgement that it was normal to be afraid of him and be forced to perform sexual acts on him- She could have defended herself more, she was even fatter then he was.

In the Islamic world we are taught that a woman guards herself, not the belief that a man is going to protect you, you are responsible for who you talk to etc. You don't go to paradise because someone has attacked you, you have to at least believe in the one God, which includes not being afraid of an idiot. In the West they teach people to be afraid of them, but Muslims only teach people to be afraid of Allah.

The people who attack females are not Men, a Man going to Paradise is not equal to the one going to Hell. So its not just about saying its the attacker's fault-of course its their fault, but people are obviously evil and you need to protect yourself from evil, they don't have labels saying who is evil, but the recent case, unfortunately he was sending sexual messages to this 16 year old which the media said she found flattering -again if she did meet a boy and they were in a relationship, people wouldn't be critical but of course its all wrong, lewd behaviour.

Women should be treated like princesses and treat themselves as such and not place themselves in a position of talking about sex with a person they aren't married to, and now we are hearing a case were a male in the US who was posing as a female online and getting other boys to pose nude photographs of themselves and then he was blackmailing them and even got one of them to force sexual acts on him.

As far as I'm concerned, if they don't act like children then you can't be treated like one.

People are tested, and if you are raped etc, you are not exempted from seeing if you have passed your test on the Day of Judgement, of course if you are killed at a young age then you are, but if you are raped at a young age and continue to live in this world, you are not exempted from being tested. People who have been raped do not sit in Paradise forever crying, in another post I have mentioned an evil person's act is not so huge that it eclipses the sun, stop you from looking in awe towards Allah.

What do you expect Allah to say that sexual violations are the one thing that my believers cannot get over? That it’s the only thing capable of bringing them down? It’s the only thing that will ruin them? Of course we are not brought down by sexual violations, does it tell the body to die, or to tell us to stop noticing what Allah has created? Is the sexual violation so much that it will prevent them from enjoying themselves in Paradise? No.

People say why should Allah allow these things to happen, when they are enjoying themselves they don't thank Allah, but when something bad happens to them they question Allah?? When they are on holiday, enjoying themselves, they don't remember Allah and say this is from him, but when they are raped they blame Allah and say this is only from him? We are being tested in this world on what we can do, not being tested on what Allah can do for us, Allah is not testing himself, the West talk about respecting, showing kindness-then why are they not questioning the rapist on why he is not been kind-for they were saying that people can be good without Allah. There are victims of rape that are more critical of religion, then being critical of rapist. Why were they more afraid of them then Allah? Now they are saying in the West that if you are abused as a child then its more likely that you will grow up to be abusive. This in religion is wrong, treat people how you want to be treated they say that so many times, but obviously they are not giving it much thought. If a person was abused as a child, then he/she knows they did not like it, so why grow up to be abusive to others? So that means if they were never abused as children they would have still grown up to be abusive to others as having their own personal experience did not stop them from being abusive. Its is not written on their records that they did not understand what they were doing was bad. Also they have a better understanding that the victim does not enjoy what they are doing, hence why they are busy intimidating, and tying their victims up etc.

Why afterwards does the rape victim feel embarrassed, and wished they had done more to stand up for themselves, if they are blaming Allah, how many of them call to Allah for help when they were raped?? If your spending a lot of time looking towards males in this world rather then Allah knowing full well that rapes have occurred, then why are they complaining to Allah?? If you made your whole life about alcohol and then died by it, then why would you complain to Allah? Do these people think that Allah is going to protect, people for being lewd etc. Make a bid deal about something other then Allah , then why complain about it?

As I say, say something you will be able to repeat on the Day of Judgement, and a rape victim is not going to be thinking about her rape case throughout that Day-what she will be saying is that she/he wished that they remembered this Day more, and repent if she has not already done so.

They complain about Islam, when they are ruining their children's lives, they want to sort out Iraq and Afghanistan when they can't even help their own children have decent, good lives. So many people in poverty in their countries too. The above are some of the situations that people have faced, but we don’t need every situation as its about people fearing Allah and about them standing on the Day of Judgement wishing they had not spent time fearing evil people.

Islam is a strong, true religion, we have the Quran and thank Allah that he has told people to guard themselves, fear him just as the magicians did at Pharoah's court were they were willing to have their hand and feet chopped at alternative sides because they refused to leave Islam (written in the Quran too). People sometimes say that unless you have faced this situation you cannot speak about it, Islam covers our lives, and again it is covered as they will not be exempted from their tests just because someone attacked them. We have to prove that we are bigger, better, stronger and of course we are to someone's sexual violations, is a person going to say that we can't bear the thought of an angel coming down to see them as they are so traumatised by the events? No they will be willing to have an angel to come and visit them. Are they going to say they are so traumatised they don't want to be raised to Paradise?

What people complain about the most is not having their "perfect" ideal way of living, they complain that they are not living as people do in Paradise, they are treated well non-stop, have a perfect marriage etc, so when they lose their perfect way of living in this world (which Islam has never taught as even Allah said do the good people think they will not be tested?) they become angry. Allah will punish the rapist, he did not arrange for a person to be raped to be tested, it is rather that we have free will in this world and people not only use their free will to be good, but more over do it for evil. It is society (not Islam) that do not want to discuss these things and when something happens they don’t know what to say and rather hush up the matter without resolving the issue, and stopping lewd behaviours, and teaching about Islam.

People who don’t learn on Islam say that we have not clearly written the person’s sins so we don't know what to say about it, an evil deed is not complicated that we don’t know what to say about it. We are not going to have a long checklist miles and miles long about all the forms of evil and problems the people do and face, it all comes down to believing in Allah and the Day of Judgement, if they dispute this then see them on the Day of Judgement as they will not care about just discussing someone’s sexual violations etc, it’s about saving themselves from hell. Or are they going to say that just because they were raped they couldn’t think, sleep, breath, eat, work whilst they were in this world? We should continuously be grateful to Allah, no evil act will stop us from being happy with our parents, with our past good deeds, and neither should it stop us ultimately from being happy with Allah.

If anyone is critical of how this is written, when it is only being to the point on serious issues, then go ahead and create your own thread and show how its done!! I do not expect you to avoid talking about all of the points above. This thread was closed on Ummah, not because of the content but because of other people's derailment, and they proven that they did not read it all, just being critical that I was not providing sympathy to victims, when if they read the above its about them not having anything stopping them from making it to Paradis. Issues have to be spoken about. I think the thread should be closed and just used for reference only.

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