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08-09-2010, 05:52 AM
There are non-Muslims who seem to be quoting various information about science, history etc, but do they not think that there are Muslims who are historians and scientists, who even know about the subject more then they do??? So by presenting this and that does it mean that what we believe is not true?

No matter who they quote, everyone will be on the Day of Judgement, the politicians, scientists etc, and they will be only looking towards Allah.

Even they did not write much about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, so they don't have an impartial perspective in history, now they go on about Dalia Lama in Tibet -even his own people are fed up with him, but of course not so widely reported as they want to go against China. But Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has achieved more peace then any politician etc. He is a better leader then they are. Again if their history is unbiased then how come they don’t talk about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? As he is the most influential person in history, as so many people follow after him.

When they talk about history-why haven't any of them been quick to say that what is written about Pharaoh in the Quran is wrong??? If they know so much. They even ignore the fact that we have information on King Solomon peace be upon him controlling the winds and Devils-something that was excluded from the bible, how did Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him receive that information when he was illiterate, and not even Jews or other non-Muslims accused him of learning from so and so.

Allah has created all things in the Universe-there is nothing they can use to reject Islam as the truth.
So if they want to quote information;-

1. If they want to talk about the world, then tell us the number of ants, leaves, as Allah knows their number.
2. If they want to talk about history, then tell them to name the people and their affairs in the history of mankind, as Allah knows.
3. If they want to talk about the economy, then tell them to write down what money every single person has received in the history of this world, as Allah knows.
4. If they want to talk about the Universe then tell people how many planets are there and the alien life form, as Allah knows.
5. If they are going to quote so and so from history, then inform that person that they are in the next world thinking about their reward in Paradise or in Hell, the dead do not care for their idle talk. Even Michael Jackson the pop singer, does not care that he has so many fans, and people cared about him, his only concern is if Allah is pleased with him.

So do not waste time with idle talk, if they don't want to talk about the Quran, why should we talk about their garbage.

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