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08-11-2010, 03:49 PM
Bismillah hi Rahmaan nir Raheem

Alhamdulillahi Rabb bil alaameen. Allah humma solli ala Muhammad

We praise Allah for his infinite bounty upon us for letting us sit for short while listening to a talk in which Allah’s remembrance will take place.

Through the mercy of Allah, Allah has granted us all the gift of iemaan. Such a gift that if a person with no iemaan – a disbeliever in the oneness of Allah - gives a billion dollars in charity – as Bill Gates once did – he will get no reward, but if a Muslim should smile at his next brother then Allah gives him the reward as if he gave in sadaqaat or charity.

This wonderful gift is a key to the treasures Allah has kept for us in the hereafter –IF we can fulfil our fundamental objective of being a Muslim – and that is to recognise who Allah is. We need to realise that Allah is our creator who does everything without the help of any of us creation; while none of us creation can do anything without the help of Allah. Nothing happens in any universe without the power and mercy of Allah. That sip of water we drink cannot quench our thirst if Allah does not will it to quench our thirst; and that medicine cannot cure our sickness if Allah does not will it to cure us.

Allah has to precede and post cede our thoughts: Through the mercy of Allah I am studying and through Allah’s mercy I can pass tomorrow; because if Allah does not will me to pass - I can study for a year and still fail, but if Allah wills me to pass then even in a little period of studying he can give me complete understanding of this work. Everything is under the control of one Allah!

My dear brothers and sisters, we hear time and time again – Allah has kept our success in this world and the hereafter in completely obeying Allah’s commandments and following the sunnat or the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam)… And again we will hear it: That Allah has kept our success in this world and in the hereafter in completely obeying Allah’s commandments and following the sunnat of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam)…

But despite the millions of times a person hears this – this proclamation goes against our logic – so we want to refute it... We can’t understand what Allah is talking about – so without even trying to taste the sweetness and success that Allah has kept in this way of life – we immediately place that small bit of logic which Allah has given us against the infinite wisdom of Allah.

It’s like a person being given a box of delicious chocolates wrapped in plastic and then wrapped in gift wrap – and then been told that there are tasty chocolates inside. But because the person can’t be bothered to take the effort to unwrap the gift – that person just throws it aside and instead goes to the kitchen and starts trying to make his own chocolate – and find the ingredients and everything. That is unfortunately how stupid our actions in trying to find success outside what Allah has told us – actually is.

Doctor’s explain that a person who runs or jogs for an average of about 45 minutes - because of the strain and tension on his body at that stage – his body releases a hormone commonly called or known as the survival hormone. This hormone is more powerful than morphine and many other drugs; and it puts the body on a natural high – the feeling is so sensational and addictive – that is why those people wake up early and go out again and again for jogs while others are sleeping – and continually do it – because they want to repeat that feeling. This is a medical fact – that the body secretes such a hormone. If a jogger had to explain the amazing sensations he/she feels and you disbelieved him/her without making the sacrifice of jogging to experience it for yourself – you would be considered an idiot because you are disputing a proven medical fact.

Like that - Allah’s wisdom doesn’t work according to our logic. We would for example say that fish come from the sea. However, for Allah, He can bring fish from anywhere He wants. Take the example we saw in our newspapers on March 3rd, 2010 about the town Lajamanu in Australia – 500 kilometres away from the nearest sea or river –where Allah sent thousands of fish down with the rain from the clouds.

Allah’s wisdom does not work according to what we call logic. Take water for example: H2O –Two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen - A simple formula. Yet give all the scientists and engineers in the world two cans of hydrogen and one can of oxygen and tell them to make one drop of water –they will never be able to make a single drop of water.

Allah’s wisdom does not work according to what we call logic. This earth is spinning – rotating in its axis – at a speed of 1000 miles per second. It is orbiting around the sun at a speed of 30km per second. Yet at this moment both you and I are sitting here still without fear that we going to fall off the earth. Allah’s wisdom doesn’t work according to our logic.

When we Muslims understand this fact, when we realise that Allah is the one with complete wisdom and when we realise that when we turn our attention to what Allah has kept success in – then only will we see true success beyond our imagination in this world.

But when our attention turns away from Allah to the world, thinking we can do instead of Allah, thinking that the lifestyles of the non-believers can bring success instead of the lifestyle of our Prophet (Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam) – then we can see what the condition of Muslims are today.

Today there are more Muslim doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, scientists than there have ever being in the entire history of Islam. Yet we are achieving nothing of significance.

In the past, when the Muslim’s attention was on Allah and they did not drift from their purpose Allah had created them for – then Allah had placed the world at their feet. The Muslim world was the centre of learning, education, knowledge and the entire world had to come to learn from the Muslims. Today we have to go to the entire world other than Muslims to get our degrees, qualifications and knowledge.

Three hundred years before Europe knew what a school was – Muslims had already started delving into mathematics. We learn in school that we are using the Arabic numerals system, but also Algebra was devised by a Muslim man named Al Khwarrizmi. Algorithims – those essential aspects needed by anyone studying computer programming – and trigonometry were devised by Al Khindi.

Those of you studying chemistry, pharmacy, and engineering should know the founder of modern chemistry is a man named Jabir Ibn Hayan. He discovered the processes of distillisation, oxidisation, crystallisation and purification.

For the doctors, Al Zahrawi invented 200 of the modern surgical implements used in operations today. In the Bagdad library there were books found written in the 9th century with the earth’s circumference calculated – 500 years before Galileo first concluded that the earth is not flat. In the same library there were books written by Ibn Nafis describing blood circulation – 300 years before William Harvey had researched this.

The camera – the one with that has now become obsolete with the invention of digital and cell phone (mobile) cameras – was invented by Ibn Al Haitham. Qamara in Arabic means a dark or private room – this was where the film was left to develop.

We learn in school the first plane was invented by the Wright brothers – Orville and Wilbur Wright – in 1902. A 1000 years before that – Abbas ibn Firnas – in 852 tested out the concept of flight when he jumped from a musjid minaret with his own contraption. It failed the first time, but his cloak that he was wearing acted like a parachute – thus the first parachute was invented. In 875 he took a second flight off a cliff this – was successful but he couldn’t control the landing.

Al Jazari invented the crank shaft, which is central to all modern machinery in the 11 century.

The recipe of soap was even perfected by Muslims. When in 1759, a man named Muhammad opened a shop selling soap and shampoo in Brighton in England – it was the first time England had seen shampoo and proper soap. Two successive kings, George IV and William the IV appointed him as their Royal Shampooing Surgeon.

Likewise 1000’s of examples can be cited to show the exemplary achievements of our Muslim predecessors. But why are the Muslims today just not gaining the same success today.

The teacher, when explaining the hadith/saying of our Prophet (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam), which is something to this effect: Aduniya Sijnul Mumin, waJanatul Kafir – this world is a prison for the believer and a paradise for the unbeliever explain that: As a believer in one Allah a person has to curb some of his desires if they go against Allah’s orders, while a disbeliever does not do this. However, they further explain: if Muslims do not control their desires that go against Allah’s command with regard to this world and then start running after the world and making it their ultimate purpose –this world that has been made to be the paradise of the unbelievers – then in fact this Muslim is stealing what is the right of the unbelievers. And when a person steals from someone, Allah’s help goes to the person from whom the item was stolen from. Allah will take the honour and success of this world away from Muslims and give it to the unbelievers.

But when the Muslims realise who is in total control of success and turn our attention back to that One Allah who gives success and also invite and encourage our brother and sisters in Islam to do the same then we will see the success in our lives.

Then that accountant or economist who studied the same syllabus as everyone else – will then through the mercy of Allah be able to develop an economic system without interest for the world economy to run on.

And those doctors and medical researchers will through the mercy of Allah be able to develop new medicines of benefit.

And likewise everyone in his own profession will open themselves to complete success. Whoever relies on his intelligence alone, his knowledge only reaches to a certain point; whoever relies on his wealth – his money will eventually run out, whosoever relies on his health, that health will go one day too – but whosoever relies on Allah – Allah will become sufficient for him!

For us to turn our attention back to the path that Allah has put success in, it is of paramount importance that we strive to get recognition of who Allah is. When the recognition of Allah comes in heart – that nothing on this earth has any power to fulfil it’s function without the will of Allah and no one on this earth can think a thought without the mercy of Allah – the this will be root of us drawing success directly from the treasuries of Allah.

For this recognition to come into our heart; dua (or prayer) is required and we also need to talk and listen about the greatness of Allah. Talk to our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters about the greatness of Allah. Talk to non Muslims about the greatness of Allah. Not just to benefit them – to benefit ourselves. When we are repeatedly talking about the greatness of Allah, then greatness of Allah will enter our hearts.

We should also make time to listen to the greatness of Allah being spoken about.

The easiest way to achieve both these things is by giving up some time to join the dawaat programmes that are being run in our locality our local musjid. Because the best way to keep motivated is by doing things in a group, whereby your friends can motivate you when you slacking down. Also the tabligh jamaat run in many musjids also provide an excellent environment to sit and listen about talks on the greatness of Allah and also speak about the greatness of Allah.

After a little while in such environments, a person will get some confidence to be able to talk about Allah to the people he or she meets in their daily lives....

Insha-Allah I will post the name of this speaker later - however, for now I'm still waiting for a confirmation that it is him...

source: http://www.sunniforum.com/forum/show...s-amp-students)...

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08-11-2010, 06:15 PM

That was an amazing read, Jazakallahu Khaayr for sharing

Wa`Alaaykum Salaam

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