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09-07-2010, 03:31 AM

Well all, I am in Las Vegas no more Iraq for me. Its a big change but i am making it. I got a good job I am just asking god for some patience. i get a lot of forms and stuff that are filled out wrong. I think i am going to have to redo the forms but anyway...

My hubby is still overseas and so i am pretty lonely. I got a little protector though, she keeps me safe and sane. ;D It's a little scary being in this house all alone. my mom works and not near and my mother in law cant come out right now because she is taking care of her grand daughter so its just me.:cry::cry::cry:

I started going to the local Mosque but not nearly as much as i would like to. I have a job and trying to keep everything here up, i started volunteering at a center for kids on Saturday to be honest i help manage the data so the real heroes can spend time with the kids (it didn't fit my work schedule so i had to do something in the background) and then hopefully i will be starting school soon. I want to get my Bachelors degree in office administration. hopefully i will get used to the schedule soon. Work is a little crazy i was "off" today due to labor day but i got about 10 emails i could not ignore and ended up working most of the day anyway although it was nice to work from home. :happy:

I am learning to pray and trying to spend a little more time talking to family. I couldn't do that so much before just because of lack of options of communication but now that i am back in the US i have everything again. my Mother-in-law uses skype most of the time well most of the family does so its nice when we get to chat.

i did go to a restaurant the other night and had some awesome food with a few friends and got to use my ever growing language skills and she understood me so it was nice. and i understood 99% of what the waitress said. so i feel pretty good about how i am still learning. I just wish i got more time to speak with some of my bi-lingual family so i could learn a little faster (since my hubby isn't here)

anyway things are good here. trying to get more involved in the community and hopefully i will be on my way to getting my degree soon. i will be online more no that I am not working 12/7. I miss you all and please keep in touch!:statisfie

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Muslim Woman
09-07-2010, 08:31 AM
Salaam sis ,

when our bro is coming back ?

Are u enjoying fasting ?

09-07-2010, 01:10 PM
not sure yet it will be a while before he comes back.

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