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View Full Version : Can We Say A Specific Person Is From The Inhabitants Of Paradise Or Hell?

imam bukhari
09-20-2010, 05:43 PM
The explainer of ‘Aqeedatut-Tahaawiyyah, Ibn ‘Abdil-’Izz (d. 792) said:

We do not say about a specific individual from among the people of the qibla that he is of the people of Paradise or that he is of the people of Hell-Fire, except he about whom the truthful (saw) has informed (us) about, that he is among the people of Paradise, such as the ten who were given the glad tidings od Paradise (ra).

And if we say ‘… that whomsoever Allaah wills to enter the Hell-Fire from the people who commit the major sins will by necessity enter the Hell-Fire and that he will be brought out of the Hell-Fire on account of the intercession of those entitled to intercede…‘ then we would refrain from (saying such a thing) about a specific individual.

So we do not testify for him that he will enter Paradise, nor that he will enter Hell-Fire except due to knowledge – because the reality is hidden and what a person dies upon cannot be encompassed by us.

However we do have hope for those who do good and we fear for those who do evil.

[Taken from "Foundation of The Sunnah" p. 41. Originally quoting from "Shahr 'Aqeedatut-Tahaawiyyah", by Ibn 'Abdil-'Izz, p. 378]


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